November 30, 2020

The coronvirus crisis continues to sink in US hospitals.

New York, Mar 21 (EFE) .-. The spread of the coronavirus is being felt in US hospitals. affected by the pandemic and New York is no exception, without sufficient equipment to supply the demand for COVID-19, which can lead to a crisis in the medical system.

Time and again New Yorkers have heard from Governor Andrew Cuomo that they are short of essential medical equipment such as face masks, ventilators, and beds as the increase in evidence goes hand in hand with the rise in cases, which in this state has already they exceed 10,000 infected.

Hospitals are operating at their maximum and many in the country have been forced to cancel non-urgent surgeries as well as other procedures, which generate economic income at a time when they have had to increase the staff to attend to cases and investing in turn on the team they can find.

In the case of New York, Cuomo said this Saturday, they are looking for essential equipment in all parts of the world.

With the crisis caused by the virus, hospitals in the country have petitioned the US Congress. an allocation of $ 100 billion to purchase equipment and increase its operating capacity.

For Robyn Bash, vice president of the US Hospital Association, in charge of government relations, health centers “must be a priority for Congress,” according to CNBC.

In the Bronx in New York, doctors at Lincoln Public Hospital have said they only have a few ventilators for patients who have respiratory problems.

While the Brooklyn County Hospital has so few supplies that they are refusing the masks after disinfecting them.

Both New York and New Jersey have asked retired health personnel to return to volunteer as cases continue to rise.

The Hospital Association estimates that health centers facing the pandemic are losing up to a million dollars a day, a figure that will continue to grow.

According to Bash, there is a big difference between today and tomorrow because there will be more people positive for the virus and more patients in need of essential health care.

“The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented health crisis that will require an extraordinary amount of resources for an indefinite period of time,” a spokesperson for the Presbyterian hospital, which also cares for patients affected by the virus, told CNBC.


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