October 29, 2020

The coronavirus suffers its biggest slowdown with 4,572 new cases and 605 deaths

The coronavirus has registered this Friday its biggest slowdown since the pandemic broke out and leaves the third consecutive drop in the number of cases, which reach 157,022 after adding 4,576 new infections, and throws another 605 deaths, the lowest number in 17 days, which makes a total of 15,843.

Another 3,603 people have recovered from COVID-19, 6.9% more, which is already 55,668, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health, which no longer offers the total count of patients admitted to the ICU. waiting for the communities to report their accumulated figures.

In this way, although Spain remains the second country in the world in number of infections, behind the United States, the advance of the coronavirus has touched its smallest positive increase, which has increased by 3% in the last 24 hours, behind of that reached last Monday 6, which was 3.2%.

The rise in deaths has also slowed until reaching its minimum increase to date, which is 3.97% compared to yesterday; in absolute numbers, a lower figure was not seen since March 24, when 514 people died.

The discharges, on the other hand, have reduced a point and a half in a day, going from 8.42% of yesterday’s calculation to 6.9%. However, the cured ones already represent 35.45% of the cases.

Madrid continues to be the community with the most infections with 44,783 people, but 5,972 have also died and 22,414 have been cured. The second community most affected by the pandemic continues to be Catalonia, where this Thursday there are 31,824 confirmed cases, 3,231 deaths and 13,513 people cured.

Castilla La Mancha ranks third with 13,063 infected, 1,431 deceased and 1,982 people who have managed to heal; while in Castilla y León there are 11,102 confirmed cases, 1,129 the dead and 3,506 the cured.

The fifth community in number of infections is the Basque Country, with 10,103, in addition 729 people have died and 4,680 people have managed to be cured.

Detailed data by autonomous communities on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic are available in the infographics offered daily by the EFE Agency through its platform https://efs.efeservicios.com/.


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