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The Copa Libertadores will cost at least 650,000 euros, which the State pays

The Copa Libertadores will cost at least 650,000 euros, which the State pays

The final of the Copa Libertadores that next Sunday will compete at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium with the Argentine teams Boca Juniors and River Plate will report to Madrid's economy 42 million euros in direct income and another 50 million induced by the Spain brand and the Madrid brand, but it will also mean an expense for the administration that, at least, amounts to 650,000 euros that will cost the deployment of the National Police.

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Around 4,000 troops, of which 2,054 national police, make up the device to guarantee security before, during and after the game. Only the displacement of an IPU agent, the riot police, costs 72.12 euros of diet. "If around 700 troops come, which are the ones that could come from outside to the capital, the cost would be about 50,500 euros a day only in UIP", points out Efe Antonio Labrado of the CEP.

And that without taking into account that the displacement of these agents, who have already suspended their own permits and matters, will be at least three days, so that only in UIP the cost will amount to more than 150,400 euros.

But who pays the cost of the device and the organization of the event?

"The clubs, but also FIFA, UEFA or Conmebol, are entities that manage a lot of money and have large profits but do not spend a lot on the security of these events that bring them even more money," recalls the spokesman SUP, Ramón Cosío, who considers that the State can not assume 200,000 or 300,000 euros each time a match of this type is organized.

From the UFP, his spokesman José María Benito also points to Efe: "I do not enter into the debate about who should pay, but can not drop all the weight on the public security of an event that is private", and more when deploying this wingspan can leave other places "unprotected".

"The shared cost should not be ruled out by the mere fact that security is considered to be a task specific to the State," Adolfo Medina, of the SPP union, explains to Efe. It is striking that the Tour of Spain does take care of the costs of having the Police at its disposal.

The delegate of the Government in Madrid, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, has given an account at a press conference of the Operative CABA -the acronym of the city of Buenos Aires, where the two teams are-, one of the most important of those that have been deployed in Spain for a high-risk match, as it is qualified on Sunday.

And for this "magnificent event", in the words of the delegate, to be a success and a football party, a device has been designed that, despite the haste of time, has been able to be deployed now so that everything goes well in Madrid, which , according to Rodríguez Uribes, has had the "privilege" of hosting that final, which will be witnessed by some 81,000 spectators.

One of them will be the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, while the presence of the highest Argentinean president, Mauricio Macri, has not yet been confirmed.

So that nothing disturbs the development of the party, its prolegomena and the subsequent celebration, 2,054 national police, half of Madrid and the other half from territorial units, will have the support of 150 Municipal Police officers of Madrid and 1,700 private security, as well as the 70 and 80 toilets of the Samur and the Red Cross, respectively.

In addition to being a high-risk party, the anti-terrorism alert level 4 has been taken into account for the design of the operation, which remains reinforced in Spain.

It is also foreseen that the meeting will be attended by 25,000 followers for each team and, in doing so, the hobbies will be placed one against the other.

Thus, the River Plate will be located in the north, and the Boca Juniors in the south. The wings are reserved for the neutral fans.

But that will be during the game and inside the stadium. Because, while the meeting is coming, the fans will also be distributed on the street in two areas, the "fan zone", large spaces with tents, relaxation areas, workshops, activities and other attractions.

In the case of the fans of the River Plate, the City Council of the capital has arranged the north of Paseo de la Castellana, between Plaza de Castilla and Cuzco. The Boca Juniors may be a little lower, next to the headquarters of the Ministry of Development and the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz.

The free movement of citizens can not be restricted, as the Government delegate recalled, but those responsible for the device trust that the fans will stay in those areas, which can not enter with sharp elements, glass and other objects.

The place where the result will be celebrated has also been decided. If Boca wins, in Plaza de Colón. If it is the River that raises the cup, in the Puerta del Sol.

The delegate of the Government has made it clear that the radicals of the two teams that may come will be controlled - the violent ultras are estimated at 300 per each - and that between the 5,500 and 6,000 tickets sold in Argentina will be monitored that can not enter Spain who have a history of serious crimes, also aware of the connections that the ultras of both teams have with Spanish violent groups.

Yesterday, Rodríguez Uribes recalled, the National Police deported to Argentina Maxi Mazzaro, one of the ringleaders of the ultras of Boca Juniors located in Madrid, with a history of several crimes, including homicide.

The goal is to prevent someone from breaking the party of a party that is also being successful in terms of ticket sales.

"Beyond its particularities, it does not stop being a high-risk party, with all that that means", has resolved the Government delegate, who has called for tranquility and has asked to go to the stadium, which It will open its doors at 5.30 pm, well in advance.


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