The Copa del Rey ‘a la valenciana’, in eleven rounds: a Barrio La Luz – Real Madrid? A Cox – Barcelona? …

Can you imagine a year that in Copa there is a Barrio de la Luz Xirivella-Real Madrid? Or a Cox-Barcelona? Or an At. Algorfa-Atlético de Madrid? Or a FC-Valencia Odyssey? It would be a lot by chance, but it could happen … Teams like these or even other Second Regional teams belonging to the Valencian Community Soccer Federation. Well, that dream that may be unreal is perfectly tangible from this year 2021-22 since they compete for that only place that gives the right to play the 2022-23 Cup. Is he dream pursued by 358 teams (168 of Second Regional, 115 of First Regional and 75 of Preferential).

La Nostra Cup ‘ it was an idea that had been around me for a long time. I watched the FA Cup, the English Cup, and I thought why couldn’t this be done in the Valencian Community. The RFEF took the first step by allowing a team from each territorial federation to play the cup, it opened the door for us to create the tournament. We were clear about it, “he says. its president, Salva Gomar.

Said organism has decided to innovate -they are already competing to know the final winner- with a Cup qualifying system that is the fairest of all possible. The KO tournament is for all clubs. Of all the humble. From the first to the last. Everyone has their right … And the Valencian Community Soccer Federation (FFCV) that presides Gomar has implemented it like this. It is the only federation that has bet on a bareback tournament. From all against all.. For any team to have the chance to fulfill a dream that they could never have imagined. Any team from the Valencian Community can get to play against one of the greats of the Cup in the 2022-23 campaign.

There is no Federation that has dared to put all the teams in its region in the same bag. The one that can come closest is the Andalusian Federation that does introduce the champions of each category to play a place in that kind of final phase where there are already Firstras and the prize is to play with one of those elite teams of Spanish football. But the one who has put everyone in the bag is the Valencian. Very english. Almost from the bottom. With the most diverse teams that have competed: Esportiu Rossell, Cinctorra, El Fadrí, Xcript FC, Caxton College, Fonteta, At. Nazsaret, Foietes Benidorm, Aielo, Redován and so on an endless number of teams.

The FFCV is a pioneer in giving the possibility of playing the Copa del Rey to any federated teamIt does not matter what category you are in or how you have been classified the previous year. They are all registered. Everyone can play the Cup What if a second regional passed all rounds and played against a First Division? It is unlikely, but it can happen and we give the opportunity to do so. Football is an illusion, it is a dream, and the FFCV gives the option to fulfill it, “adds Gomar.

The process has started this season. The qualifiers for next year. In addition to competing in their own leagues, they have a series of dates in the calendar to play these qualifying rounds that will lead to only one of those 358 teams having the possibility of playing against a First in the 2022-23 edition of the Cup. it must be measured against another team from another federation before reaching a First-. “This year it is played by 98% of the teams. It is not that you sign up for the tournament, but that you have the right to resign. And that small percentage of withdrawals is due to not assuming arbitration expenses, to not having made your team at the time At the beginning of the tournament, they are amateur teams … they are usually neighborhood teams “, indicate organizational sources from the Valencian Federation.

This is the way to be a Cup in 2022-23

All teams in the Valencian Community have the right to enter this Cup system. But the road is not easy at all. Especially for a Second regional. To reach the upper level, that is, that final round you must assume that you have to pass 11 heats! (Unique matches of 90 minutes and penalties if necessary, there is only ’round trip’ in semis and the final is in neutral field). A bicoca.

From starting with a confrontation between ‘brothers’ of the same category, then going on to measure against Primeras regionals and end with Preferents. A long way but the fairest one so that there is that equality in search of the same goal. There have already been surprises. Second regional teams that have dismounted the First.

Prizes in phases in the ‘Champions style’: from 100 to 3,000 euros

In fact there are economic prizes as if it were a luster competition. But saving the distances. A passed first round supposes the income of 100 euros And after passing all the phases and being the one winner reaches 3,000. A 2nd regional team can achieve the sporting dream after 11 qualifiers and also pocket 8,850 euros.


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