The Copa del Rey 2020/2021 may not have a champion if it is suspended due to force majeure before June 30 - La Provincia

The Management Commission of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) approved this Monday the Regulatory Rules and Competition Bases for the 2020/2021 season of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup and the RFEF Cup, which will keep the same format as the last one, and which will have the possibility of not having champion if one is suspended due to force majeure before June 30, unless the final or the 'Final Four' remains to be played.

The agency announced a series of 'Extraordinary Provisions' for these tournaments due to the pandemic of coronavirus, among which is a 'Generic safeguard' qwhich authorizes the modification of the provisions of the regulations "due to force majeure".

In this sense, it will be "the competence of the Delegate Commission of the RFEF Assembly to determine the stoppage and / or return to competition due to force majeure that occur and their prolongation in time, except in those aspects that the competition is outside of the Competition Judge ".

The RFEF specified that these causes of force majeure will be accredited "when in a given territory there is a government regulation or order, and if it were the case, duly endorsed by the competent justice, which prevents the development of sports activities of federated competition, either training of any level or the dispute of matches in said territory or the State of Alarm has been decreed that includes these limitations. "

"In case of suspension or paralysis of the competitions for that cause of force majeure before June 30 and if one or more of the qualifying rounds of the competition could not take place, it will be considered finalized without champions, or other results, unless remain to play exclusively the final or the 'Final Four', in which case the Delegate Commission may decide to play it during the following season", underlined the RFEF.

However, the entity clarified that "if for any force majeure circumstance some matches of the tie could not be played and others, there will be continuity with the winning teams that have played it and with those who, having not been able to dispute the reason. It will not be related to the members of the same team or to the territory where the matches are played ".

Real Madrid, against the runner-up cup in the super cup

In the purely sports, the Copa del Rey will have seven heats before the final, with the one-game format until the semifinals. The start of the tournament will be on November 11 with the previous tie and the final is scheduled for April 17, 2021, with the participation of 116 clubs.

Refering to Spain Supercup, will be played again in the format of 'Final Four' in Saudi Arabia in January, with dates, still "guidance", from 13 and 14 for the semifinals, and the final for 17. In addition, the RFEF confirmed that if it has been possible to play the final of the Cup last season between the Athletic and the Real society, the champion will meet FC Barcelona and the runner-up with the Real Madrid. Otherwise, there will be a draw with the cup finalists taking on the champion and league runner-up.

Finally, the RFEF Cup will take place in an autonomous phase and a national phase, which will take place in four qualifying rounds from October to November, with the final on December 2.

On the other hand, the RFEF also confirmed that the rules for these competitions include the possibility of five changes in three interruptions of the match, in addition to an additional one in case of extension, and the possibility of seating up to nine substitutes on the bench.


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