The conversation with a landlord on WhatsApp that shows the level at which the rental price has reached - La Provincia

The conversation with a landlord on WhatsApp that shows the level at which the rental price has reached - La Provincia

Almost nobody disputes that theprice of housing for rentis rising to limits never seen due, to a large extent, to the increase of supply in platforms such asAirbnb. Throughout the last months we have seen many cases of authentic "zulos" that are rented for an exorbitant price (in this link you have an example). The problem affects mainly large cities but also inprovincial capitalsthe price is going up in an excessive way.

Aaccount on Twittercalled "El Zulista" (almost a parody of the Idealist, one of the most used websites for the purchase and sale of flats that uses up the logo), published a few days ago Whastapp conversation between a young woman and a landlord who demonstrates the level at which the rental problem is coming. The owner of the property asks about 300 euros for a room shared with three other people in an eight-room apartment that, if rented full with all available beds, would theoretically give 7,000 euros a month to its owner. The "chat" between the Barcelona landlord and the young woman is not wasted.

ThehomeStart by explaining the conditions. Thanks to those 300 euros you have the right to a bed, a table, a chair and a "sunny" balcony. The apartment has 140 square meters and two bathrooms for the eight rooms.

The customer answers the offer. "It's as brazen as an agency and I think it's a shame to take advantage of people who have nowhere to live, it's shameful, I'm not interested," she says.

The landlord replies. "If you buy a flat in Barcelona you can not put the rent at a level of Albacete but I would lose money and I'm not a fool If you were more educated you would pay more and it would not seem so expensive, do not you think?" Asks the owner from the floor. The woman who was looking for an apartment calculates and reproaches the landlord for charging 800 euros per room. The truth is that this simple conversation reflects, in the opinion of all who are echoing it on the Internet, the usury of some when renting apartments at prices never seen before. In this case, yes, the expenses of the tenant were included.

For all thisMany cities have started to face common against platforms such as Airbnbto which they accuse of the rise of the price of the housing although they do it in not few occasions with measures that later of a way or of another ends up knocking down the justice.


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