The conversation between Emiliano Sala and Jack Mckay, the person who organized his trip, is revealed

The conversation between Emiliano Sala and Jack Mckay, the person who organized his trip, is revealed

On January 23, the fatal news of the disappearance of the plane in which the new Cardiff City signing Emiliano Sala was traveling was known. The footballer had returned to the city of Nantes to say goodbye to those who had been his teammates for the past 4 seasons and after taking a plane back to the British Isles to join his new club, he missed the tracks of the Argentine footballer and, even today, his whereabouts remain unknown. The search efforts of the Argentine have resumed due to the economic effort of the family and the donations of fans and players like Mbappé or Rabiot, after the British authorities announced that they suspended the activity to find the player.

There are many lamentations and supplications, like that of Romina Sala, the footballer's sister, wave of Leo Messi, so that the search for the plane on which Sala was traveling does not cease. However, the conversation that the player had with Jack McKay has been revealed, the person in charge of organizing the trip. Jack is a squad player from Cardiff and his father, Willie McKay, and his brother, Mark McKay, were the ones who revealed the content of the messages to the BBC channel, which has subsequently made it public. These two people are football players and played an important role in the operation that made Sala, a footballer of Cardiff City.

This is the conversation that Emiliano Sala and Jack McKay had, before the fateful trip in which the runway was lost to the plane in the Channel.

Friday, January 18

-19: 43 Jack McKay: "My dad told me you're going home tomorrow. I could arrange a plane to take you directly to Nantes and return on Monday, at the time that suits you, so you can get to training on Tuesday. "

-19: 51 Emiliano Sala: "Ah, that's great. I was in the middle of checking if there are any flights to get to Nantes tomorrow. "

-19: 56 McKay: "He said he could organize a plane that would go straight to Nantes."

-19: 56 Room: "How much will it cost?"

-19: 56 McKay: "Nothing. He said that if you help me score goals it's nothing. "

-19: 59 Room: "Hahaha with pleasure".

-20: 00 Hall: "We will score many goals."

-20: 01 Room: "I want to go tomorrow to Nantes around 11 am and return Monday night around 9 pm to Cardiff if possible."

-20: 05 McKay: "Good. I'll send a message when I have the ok. "

Sunday, January 20

-17: 00 McKay: "Hello, is it possible to return at seven o'clock on Monday evening? Just because the pilot has to return home to the north after he arrives in Cardiff. "

-17: 01 Room: "Hello, seven-thirty would be possible."

-17: 03 McKay: "Yes, that's good."

-17: 05 Room: "[IMAGEN DE EQUIPAJE] Can you ask if I can bring this on the plane? "

-17: 06 McKay: "Well, yes."

-17: 07 Room: "But is that going to be fine for the plane?"

-17: 08 McKay: "Yes, there is space on the plane for your luggage."

-17: 12 Room: "OK".

Monday, January 21

-16: 16 McKay: "I'll call in a moment."

-16: 23 McKay: "He said it's the same company."

-16: 27 Room: "OK thanks."


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