the controversial video screened at a school in Madrid

the controversial video screened at a school in Madrid

A concerted school of the Salesians of Madrid has disseminated among its Secondary students a video in which, among other phrases, it is affirmed that the poor are "mediocre" while the rich are successful people, an issue that the director of the center has considered "unfortunate".

The video, which has been presented today by the SER channel, was broadcast at the San Juan Bautista school and in 3.21 minutes the narrator talks about the differences between rich and poor "and how they face the obstacles in their lives".

"Poor people, mediocre people, usually make decisions based on fear, their mind is constantly analyzing what is not going well or what could go wrong in any situation," he says.

"The poor, if they do not see obstacles, make them themselves" and, as a rule, "do not risk". "The poor or mediocre," he adds, "are constantly preparing themselves while the rich person quickly seizes opportunities."

"If you have a good idea and you want to carry it out, you do not need any masters, no courses, nothing, just excuses, mediocre mind excuses," he continues. "When the poor person is preparing, the rich person goes and returns three or four times", "therefore, if you want to succeed you have to have the habits of the rich".

The director of the school, Oscar Vázquez, explained that the video -whose authorship has nothing to do with the school or the institution- was projected in an inaugural session of the course, within the framework of "work in values" as the effort, the optimism.

This responsible has ensured that the information that highlights the relationship between poor and mediocre is "taken out of context".

The message, in his opinion, does not extol that value of the rich as a successful person in front of the poor as a mediocre person, "that is not true, we have never transmitted that message to the students," he said.

"Students have not done that reading" because they have not linked what the video says with the teachings of the school, added the director, who has acknowledged that "may be unfortunate" and would not put it back.

Oscar Vázquez has insisted that the school has been in Madrid for almost a century, "working with all types of families, especially those most in need", and has never launched a message that equates poverty with mediocrity, "because our ideology says that we mainly serve the poorest".

The vice president and spokesman of the Community of Madrid, Pedro Rollán, considers the video "totally rejectionable and inappropriate" and has acknowledged that it is an "error".

He hopes that "this kind of content will not be repeated" in this center or in any other, as he explained in the press conference after the regional government council.


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