The controversial solidary calendar of the firefighters of Zaragoza is published

The controversial solidary calendar of the firefighters of Zaragoza is published

The solidarity calendar of the firefighters of Zaragoza has been published after the controversy generated by the City Council, which considered it sexist and dissociated from it by removing the municipal logo from the photos in which the troops appear bare-chested.

The municipal government of Zaragoza in Common decided not to support this publication, which in previous years has been presented at City Hall, because it believes that promotes a beauty canon of the "heteropatriarchy" and promotes values ​​of "strength and virility" as a model of social success, as explained by the municipal councilor of Public Services, Alberto Cubero.

The calendar has been printed with a circulation of 15,000 copies that went on sale, for five euros, taking advantage of the proximity of the Pilar fiestas, according to the president of the Association, Noel Fernández.

The funds obtained with the sale of the calendar will be used for the acquisition of therapeutic material to improve the health and quality of life of the members of Anudi de Teruel, for the association Dona Médula Aragón and for the Ambessa NGO for the construction of a multi-purpose classroom in a school in a village in Ethiopia.

Javier Fraj, firefighter promoter of the edition of this calendar, explained that "no casting has been done" to appear on the calendar, which was not done for five years, and that participation has been open to all the troops they wanted to register, including the five women.

In the end it has counted with the participation of 28 firefighters, of whom almost all of them come out in the photos or who collaborate in the project with the sale of copies.


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