The controversial children's series of the man "with the longest penis in the world" arrives in Spain

'Juan Pilila'.  |  |  FILMIN

'Juan Pilila'. | | FILMIN

«Juan Pilila. Its pile is the longest of the pile. If you need to do something, he can with her. She spins it shyly and saves the world quickly. This is the descriptive melody that sounds in Juan Pilila (John Dillermand in its original version), a Danish animated series for children that generated a great controversy in its country of origin and that arrived in Spain on Friday by the hand of the Filmin platform.

The controversy was generated by the fact of giving prominence to a character who is characterized by having "the longest penis in the world", "a very long and uncontrolled member", in a series recommended for children between 4 and 8 years old. This mustachioed man, who lives with his great-grandmother in a charming house with a garden in an affluent neighborhood and is dressed in a red and white striped swimsuit reminiscent of those of the strongmen at the fairs, is a victim of the misdeeds of his rebellious member . Represented as a rope in the same colors as his bathing suit, his penis dares to steal, smash traffic lights, deface walls, confiscate ice cream from children, cheat in a competition or get into a fight. Their relationship is almost like that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

But the protagonist also takes advantage of his inordinate attributes to fix all the mess he causes, as can be seen in the 20 five-minute chapters that make up this series that uses the stop motion animation technique (in the style of Pingu , Bob the handle or Shaun the sheep) to give movement to the characters. Thus, for example, Juan Pilila becomes a hero when he saves a baby from being run over and protects some little ones from the attack of a lion thanks to the extension and extraordinary agility of his penis. And his gift comes in handy for everyday tasks, like mowing the lawn or walking the neighbors' dogs.

The debate did not take long to come to the fore, between those who defended the series for its pedagogical value and those who considered it in bad taste. "It is the most disgusting and least appropriate program for children on a specialized channel in a long time," criticized a netizen at the premiere of the series on Danish public television, which instead resulted in a resounding audience success. “I don't think that seeing adult men's genitalia should become commonplace for boys. Is this the public service? ”, Then lamented the far-right MP Morten Messerchmidt on Facebook. The creators and child psychologists who participated in the writing of the script defended, for their part, the purely pedagogical nature of the production of the public corporation DR, which, apart from entertaining, taught anatomy to children. «The series shows an impulsive man, who makes mistakes, just like children do. But the most important thing is that Juan Pilila, in the end, does it well. Take responsibility for your actions, "they stressed.

«The series talks about being true to yourself (including flaws). It addresses the curiosity of children about the human body: from the most shameful things to the funniest, "added the director of the channel. "It is not easy to be different", the protagonist expresses by way of apology in one of the episodes, whom his great-grandmother usually sends to walk around the city so that he does not embarrass him in front of his neighbors with his strange genital peculiarity.


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