November 25, 2020

The controllers of the parking meters will fine motorcycles, scooters and bicycles improperly parked on the sidewalks in Madrid

Controllers of the Regulated Parking Service (SER) may report bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and other personal mobility vehicles (VMP) of ‘sharing’ companies that do not comply with the regulations. The sanctions will range from 30 euros, the mildest, to 200 euros, the most serious, municipal sources have reported.

The Consistory is going to implement this new measure to “guarantee universal access in pedestrian priority areas due to the increase in the use of these vehicles. Until now, control over infractions was limited to the Mobility Agents, who in 2019 interposed 10,428 fines for improperly parked motorcycles (1,177 for obstructing pedestrian traffic and 8,651 for placing it on the sidewalk in an illegal manner); 516 for scooters and 28 penalties for bicycles for placing them in illegal places.

As ‘ABC’ and ‘El Mundo’ have advanced, the SER controllers will join in this work “freeing the mobility agents for other functions” and will proceed to make their complaints accompanied by three photographs of the badly parked vehicle, where the time the offense is committed will be included. In the case of “sharing” vehicles, the complaint will be transferred to the companies that own the vehicles, who in turn will send the user the penalty.

The Madrid City Council is currently processing the modification of the Sustainable Mobility ordinance and promotes the use of shared vehicles and micromobility to promote sustainable mobility and the reduction of emissions in the city, but also includes the progressive elimination of parking for motorcycles, VMP and bicycles on the sidewalk, moving them to the road. The area headed by Carabante has already announced that when the WHO amendment is approved at the beginning of next year, bicycles and scooters will be forced to park at specific anchors, most of them located on the road and that they will be increased.

Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and bicycles may continue to park on sidewalks as they have been up to now, as long as they comply with current regulations, in this case, as set forth in article 48 of the Sustainable Mobility ordinance.


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