Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The contractors lament the political brake to the works

Los contratistas lamentan el freno político a las obras

The Official Chamber of Contractistes d'Obres de Catalunya (CCOC) predicted a new year yesterday very negative for the sector in which not only the expected normalization will not come but everything points to a setback in the volume of infrastructure
and tenders. "2019 will be a brake year; if 2018 was already a soft gray exercise, this year we expect it to be gray gray, "he said yesterday Joaquim Llansó, president of the entity. Very close to the black.

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The construction companies base their pessimism on a circumstance that is lethal to their interests: with the month of April already reaching its half, nor the Government of Spain not even Generalitat count on budgets
public approved. "Without the new accounts you can not tender works, only continue those that are already underway, so if budgets are not approved soon, this year's tender will be small," added Llansó.

The elections to the municipalities of May will cause a collapse of the works in the second semester

The bidding for works by all public administrations grew by 4.7% last year to stand at 1,671 million euros, according to data from the CCOC. The improvement, however, is totally insufficient for the sector, which recalls how the figure reached 8,000 million in 2008 and almost 4,000 million in the last twenty years.

Spain is following the path of reducing the deficit marked by Brussels - just two weeks ago that the European Commission stopped paying special attention to its accounts - and both the central government and the Generalitat now have other spending priorities.

To this is added another factor that will not help bidding in the second half of the year: the municipal electoral cycle. The celebration of the May 26 elections led to a concentration of bids in the final part of the legislature. And now, as always happens when the town halls are renewed, two years of slump will come. In the first quarter of 2019, there has already been a decrease of 5% in the Catalan municipalities and in the second half of the year the collapse will come.

For all the above, the contractors yesterday asked for the impossible that "the planning of the works in Spain is done outside the electoral year". In addition, the CCOC demanded from the different administrations a series of measures, among which stand out that the bidding is placed at 5,000 million annually, 2.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and that a calendar of construction of Infrastructure ten or fifteen years ago to avoid fluctuations in tenders. Llansó also called for an effort to public bodies and companies to simplify and standardize hiring procedures and advocated to establish mechanisms to avoid that they demand and award bids to contractors below their cost.

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