Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

The contestants of 'OT 2017' will have a second concert in Barcelona on December 28

Los concursantes de ‘OT 2017’ tendrán un segundo concierto en Barcelona

When the viewers are still learning the names of the contestants of


, the memory of the last edition returns in the form of a new concert. On September 20, at the first gala of the new edition of
Operation Triunf

, Roberto Leal announced a last concert of the contestants of
OT 2017
together in the Palau Sant Jordi from Barcelona. Only a few days later, it has been announced that there will be a second farewell date on the same stage.

Such has been the demand for tickets, that the already known concert of December 27, will be added on Friday 28. Two nights to enjoy the solo projects of the singers of OT 2017 and the mythical songs of the last edition. Quotes that promise to be the best Christmas gift for many of your fans.

Tickets will go on sale next Monday October 8, according to Roberto Leal during the gala two of OT 2018. We will have to wait to see if the new date manages to sell all the tickets as fast as the first, which it did in 24 hours, and if there is an option for a third concert to be organized.

Although the last concert of the generation OT 2017 had been in Almeria last August, Amaia, Aitana, Miriam and the rest of her classmates will be able to share the stage for the last time to offer mythical themes such as: Your song, City of Stars, I can not live without you or La Bikina, among others.

'OT 2017': The followers of the program have a new opportunity in Barcelona on December 28

'OT 2017': The followers of the program have a new opportunity in Barcelona on December 28
(Universal Spain)

Although it may seem like great news for fans of OT 2017Not everything has been joy when listening to the news. Many people, with tickets already bought for December 27, have shown their discomfort for the new concert. According to their complaints, they had paid for the last concert, but now it will happen a day later.

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