February 25, 2021

The consumption of steel stabilizes in Spain and only grows by 0.7% until April

Madrid, July 4 (EFECOM) .- Steel consumption in Spain increased by 0.7% between January and April of this year, to 1.21 million tons, compared to the important increase of 4.1% experienced in the same period last year, when he grew up supported in the construction activity.

The president of Unesid, Bernardo Velázquez, and the general director of the steel employers' association, Andrés Barceló, presented this morning the activity data of the sector before the celebration of the general meeting of the association.

In terms of production and with data in this case until May, it has fallen by 0.5%, to 6.2 million tons, while deliveries fell by 2.2%, to 6.24 million tons, decreases that contrast with the increases of 1.5% in production and 9% in deliveries in the same period last year.

In terms of exports of steel products and first processing, between January and April 2019 have fallen by 2.2% to 2.89 million tons.

Sales to the European Union (EU) have increased by 4%, to 1.94 million tons, while third countries have plummeted, with a fall of 12.8%, leaving them at 945,000 tons.

Steel products imports also fell by 3.1% to 3.51 million tons, to a lesser extent, EU imports, which fell by 1.7%, to 2.34 million tons. , and in major (5.8%) those of third countries, that until April have been 1.16 million tons.

According to Unesid, in 2018 the "artificial" closure of the US market resulted in exports from third countries to the EU.

Thus, steel imports from Spain in all 2018 increased by 9%, with a rise of 21% of those from outside the EU and 52% of those of Turkey, a country that, according to Andrés Barceló, It is becoming steel in the new China.

Last year the production of the steel industry in Spain fell by 1%, although imports and activity in the country increased steel consumption by 12%.

Andrés Barceló pointed out that the drop in exports that Spain experienced last year, of 12.4%, was due to pressure from other countries and the fall of two important markets for the Spanish steel industry, such as Algeria and Turkey .

On the contrary, the United Kingdom was the market where Spanish exports grew the most, thanks to the fall of the pound.

With respect to 2019, he said that "the first few months have not been bad", although we will have to see what happens with the new period of EU safeguard measures for steel imports from third countries. EF

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