Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The consumer price index in the US up 0.1% in January

The consumer price index (CPI) rose one tenth in January in the United States, the smallest increase in four months, with which inflation in the last 12 months has been 2.5%, the government reported Thursday.

Core inflation, which excludes energy and food prices due to its volatility, was 0.2% last month. Throughout 2019, prices paid by consumers in the United States increased by 2.3%.

Last month, housing costs, mainly rents, were the ones that weighed the most in the January increase, up 0.4%, according to the Government report.

On the other hand, workers’ salaries increased 0.1% in January after a 0.6% increase over the past year.

The Federal Reserve predicted in its most recent report that this year inflation will return to the “symmetric target of 2%.”

At the end of January, in the first of its three estimates, the Government estimated that the economy of the country recorded an economic growth of 2.3% last year, below 2.9% in 2018, which is the slowest pace since the arrival of the US president, Donald Trump, to the White House in early 2017.

With these data, the progressive economic slowdown in the US, the first world economy, which started the year with an annual expansion rate above 3% was confirmed.

Meanwhile, the labor market continues to show good health and the country closed December with an unemployment rate of 3.5%, at minimum levels of the last fifty years.

Trump attributes to the monetary policy of the central bank the brake on expansion, insisting that he should lower the price of money “to zero or less” to spur economic activity.

“There is hardly any inflation It’s time (two years late)! “The president said last month.


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