Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

The consumer demands from the stores the agility of Amazon

Six out of ten people, after a single positive shopping experience in a native online store like Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay, make this company your reference trade. And also make it your usual place of consultation for this use, to the detriment of Google. This is stated in the IMEX Retail 2019 study, presented by Lukkap Customer Experience within the framework of the Digital Transformation Day, organized by Telefónica Empresas and La Vanguardia, with the collaboration of Comertia, which took place yesterday at the Auditorium of La Pedrera in Barcelona.

Despite this trend in online shopping, the report also shows that the physical store is still a common place for the purchase of food, fashion, home and leisure products for most consumers, as expressed by more than 50% of the Spanish consulted by Lukkap Customer Experience.

However, as explained by the managing partner of Lukkap Customer Experience, Alberto Córdoba and the senior consultant of the same company, Lara Centrol, when going to the store in person, they want to find the advantages offered by digital purchase, such as Failure to waste time on waiting. Conversely, the customer who makes purchases online, misses personalized service and direct contact with the seller.

To meet these requirements and requests, according to the director of Telefónica Companies in Catalonia, Enrique Santiago, companies can rely on technology, without losing sight of the importance of “linking to people”. "The consumer has changed, the world has transformed and companies must do it internally and start operating as their customers expect," he insists.

"The digital transformation is a journey that has no end", highlights the expert in digital transformation acceleration of Telefónica Empresas, Carlos Rabazo. In addition to the client's experience, this process has other key axes, such as connectivity, cybersecurity and sustainability, as the technology experts of the companies and institutions participating in the Conference, such as the National Cybersecurity Institute, recalled in their interventions (INCIBE) and Santa Cole, as well as Telefónica and Lukkap Customer Experience.

To solve the present and future challenges, “we have to manage the technology and anticipate the next step”, concludes the director of Telefónica Companies in Catalonia, Enrique Santiago.

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