The construction of the Valley of the Fallen, full color | TV

The audio-visual memories of Francoism are mostly black and white. Photographs and footage of No-Do, the news program of the regime, which over time has been losing quality. DMAX, as it did with a documentary series of the Civil War, prepares Spain after the war: Francoism in color, in which he returns to recover old images to restore them and color them to show viewers the years of postwar and Franco dictatorship from the new perspective offered by digitized and colored images. EL PAÍS publishes today a preview of an advance video showing the construction of the Valley of the Fallen in Madrid.

"This ambitious documentary project, which will reach DMAX in 2019, will combine the strictest historical rigor with the pulse and rhythm necessary to create a truthful and vibrant story of almost four decades of history, all from the closeness and the new look who provide the images in color, "they say from the network in a statement.

"Through the use of the latest techniques of digital processing, the most interesting images of this period (some of them unpublished) have been minutely colored, a work that is almost a work of craftsmanship, since it takes up to a week of work to color a single plane of 2 seconds, that's why Spain after the war: Francoism in color It is the result of two years of intense production work by a team of 25 people who, in total, has reviewed and restored more than 500 NODE titles, "reads the statement.

For this series it has been necessary to color 200,000 frames and 3,500 shots. Also, as in Spain divided: the Civil War in color, photographs, press clippings and documents have been used that have been treated with modern resources to narrate those essential episodes of which there are no filming. The sound will also gain prominence in the series through a band of sound effects that faithfully recreate the sounds of that time, and an original soundtrack full of audacity that combines the musical memory of those times with the sound atmospheres of the present.


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