May 17, 2021

The construction of houses grows 8%, but it is very far from the years of the bubble | living place

The construction of houses grows 8%, but it is very far from the years of the bubble | living place

Last September, permits were requested in Spain for the construction of 7,255 new homes, according to statistics released on Thursday by the Ministry of Public Works that collects the work visas registered in the colleges of technical architects throughout Spain. The figure represents an increase of 8.1% over the same month of 2017 and cooled expectations that opened the statistics of last July, a month that marked the best data in ten years.

The September data is not even the best for that month since the crisis. Between 2009 and 2011, permits were requested to build more houses during the ninth month of the year, a traditionally positive period because it reflects the reactivation of the sector after the August valley. And of course, it is very far from the situation prior to the crisis. In fact, September 2006 has the record of the historical series that started in 1991: in that month permits were requested to build more than 126,753 homes.

To understand the absurdity of that figure, it is enough to point out that the visas of those 30 days surpass by far all those that have been requested during the 12 months of the year in recent years. In 2018, between January and September, permits for new construction add up to 75,299 homes in Spain. Except for a hecatomb in the last quarter, this figure allows for the sixth consecutive year to end the year with more visas than the previous year (in 2017 a total of 80,786 were granted).

The statistics of Development also allows to observe the progression of the reforms or rehabilitations of houses, through the visas that are requested for concepts of extension, reform or restoration of real estate. In that case, they added 2,288 permits during September. The figure is much more stable (in fact, in all the months of this year, except August, it has been between 2,000 and 3,000 visas) and reflects a very low downward variation with respect to 2017, when 2,300 permits were requested for those same concepts.


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