Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The construction employers do not find qualified and specialized labor - The Province

The construction employers do not find qualified and specialized labor - The Province

The demands on the construction sector are increasing and this makes it difficult for employers to findworkforcequalified and specialized. This was explained by the new president of theAssociation of Builders and Promoters Entrepreneurs of the province of Las Palmas(AECP),Delia Gutiérrez, during his presentation as a new spokesperson, replacingMaría Salud Gil, who leaves office after 10 years.

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To alleviate this problem, the AECP has been working on training plans for two years, in collaboration with the Construction Labor Foundation, and has promoted a program to combat the underground economy. "We believe that the self-employed and entrepreneurs who are starting their activity are the basic nutrient of the Association, so they should have knowledge of all the responsibilities of the activity," Gutierrez said. In addition, the association claims that the burden from the public administration is increasing, something that "goes against the profitability of the sector."

One of the challenges facing the new board of directors is to work jointly with the professional associations so that public administrations listen to the demands of construction and this is reflected in public tenders. For years, the AECP has claimed institutions that the award of public works are not made by auction, since there are "virtual subaster" that do not get to execute the projects because they fall into a reckless decline and it is not profitable to finalize the play. According to Gutiérrez, "formulas for price allocation do not have to reach reckless casualties, that only leads to the ruin of the sector and to deceive citizens."

To reactivate the sector, in which during the years of the crisis closed 8,000 companies in Las Palmas, the AECP is committed to promoting public works and housing construction, both on public and private land, something in which "banks have So much to do, but they're not making it easy. " Another engine of construction is thetourismand the AECP considers that the vacation rental is one more way to generate economy and rehabilitation of homes.

The new board of directors of the AECP has a provisional nature, since they have proposed to the Assembly of the Association not to appoint an executive presidency and to exhaust the legislature, which will end in June 2020. "We believe that it is time for reflection and it is not the the right moment to take decisions for the upcoming elections, "said Gutiérrez, who assured that political stability is fundamental, since uncertainty restrains the economy and, therefore, the construction sector.


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