The construction companies highlight that investment in infrastructure has plummeted 60% in 12 years

The construction companies highlight that investment in infrastructure has plummeted 60% in 12 years


The construction sector has claimed on Monday, within the framework of the XI Meeting of the Infrastructure Sector, organized by ABC and Deloitte, more "stability" to political parties so that the brick recovers the ground lost during the economic crisis.

And, as pointed out by the CEO of Sacyr Construcción, Pedro Sigüenza, during a colloquium organized by the Forum, Public investment in the sector has plummeted by 60% in the last twelve years. In addition, the weight of construction in the GDP is at historic lows and there is an investment deficit of 120,000 million euros.

«The problem is financing. And the solution must be public-private collaboration, "added Sigüenza, who has referred to the need to reach a state pact in terms of infrastructure to resolve doubts as the model that should have high capacity roads in our country . «We must dedicate taxes and budgets to the social interest and that the user pays partially the roads he uses. It does not make sense that the 18% of freeways in this country are free», Has indicated in this regard.

For his part, the CEO of FFC Construcción, Pablo Colio, has pointed to the national market as one of the main "disadvantages" that the national construction sector has to face compared to its main competitors. "Having no such lever we have some weakness abroad," he explained, while stressing the "ability of Spanish companies to manage an infrastructure project from the outset."

Meanwhile, Huberto Moreno, CEO of Acciona Construction, has referred to the "lessons learned" that the economic crisis has left, pointing out that Spanish companies "are much bigger now". On the testimonial role currently played by many construction companies in the residential market, Moreno explained that "the sector has not abandoned the market", although it has recognized that "it has much industrial fabric disappeared and now that the market is picking up again, there is a lack of labor ".


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