The Constitutional Court maintains the prohibition of the 8M demonstrations in Madrid

The Constitutional Court has decided this Monday to deny the very precautionary measure requested by the CCOO and UGT unions to immediately suspend the prohibition of the 8M demonstrations in Madrid. The plenary, which met urgently this morning, does admit to processing unanimously the two appeals for amparo filed to analyze the constitutionality issues raised in a judgment on the merits, but rejects the very precautionary, understanding that "the matter presents specific substantive elements that advocate for a thoughtful and contradictory study of the requested measure, "according to legal sources to Therefore, the act planned by these two unions in the Plaza de Cibeles between 11:00 and 14:30 cannot be held.

Justice maintains the prohibition of the 8M protests in Madrid

Justice maintains the prohibition of the 8M protests in Madrid

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The unions UGT and CCOO of Madrid appealed yesterday at the last minute after the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) ratified the prohibition decreed by the Government Delegation of the protests in the capital for reasons of public health. The TSJM indicated in its order, which responded to the appeals filed on Friday by various groups and individuals, that the exercise of the fundamental right to assembly was in conflict with "constitutional assets and values, such as public health" and that, in those circumstances , the health, the physical integrity and the life of the people must prevail.

The organizations they argue that this sentence "It does not specifically analyze the call to which the appeal was alluded, but rather uses general arguments to reject it" and they consider that the characteristics of the planned concentration - with a limitation of attendance of 250 people - turned the act into " harmless "to public health.


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