February 25, 2021

The conseller Bosch says that the Government is complicit in the tragedy of the Mediterranean

The foreign affairs minister, Alfred Bosch, has accused the acting government of Pedro Sánchez of being "an accomplice of the tragedy of the Mediterranean" for promoting "a wrong policy that does not improve the situation but causes many more deaths than before" .

This is how Bosch expressed himself in the Parlament when he was questioned by ERC deputy Ruben Wagensberg on the immigration issue.

The conseller has pointed out that the Socialist Executive "instead of saving lives causes more tragedy", because "not only does it not collaborate but it acts against those who do what the Government should do".

He has referred in this point to the letter sent last June 27 by the general director of the Merchant Navy, Benito Nunez, to the NGO Open Arms informing of the risk of being sanctioned with fines of between 300,000 and 901,000 euros for "infractions against maritime safety or marine traffic management "if it carried out search and rescue operations without the agreement of the responsible authority of the region".

If this situation occurs, Bosch has indicated, the Government "would obviously react" taking the case to "international instances" as appropriate.

"The rescue is not a derivation of an ethical will, which is also an obligation under international law," the minister said.

Bosch has asserted that "the image of the Aquarius has gone down in history" and has wondered if this is related to the influence of the far right.

"We will not stop working so that one more person does not die in the Mediterranean, and Pedro Sánchez and his bad conscience", he said to finish his speech.

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