September 20, 2020

The conquest of the world by Sergio Ramos | sports

Credible actor … inside the court. Sergio Ramos is an improvable actor who Amazon discovers us as a man showing us his personal quality and that of his closest environment. There is Sergio as a unit of measure for today's great soccer players. But if he got there it is because he is a complete player; It would be huge to say, because it never falls short. Neither in quality, nor in physical power, nor in leadership, nor in goals, nor in yellow cards … Sergio Ramos serves for all conversations. The record with the national team (168 international matches against Norway, one more than Casillas), like others that will come, are a natural consequence of his taste for exaggeration. It is an increasingly rare specimen in the world of football, which transmits security by its presence alone. When his teammates look at him in the locker room tunnel, before going out to play, they say, "Nothing bad can happen to me." Issue that exceeds perception to be statistical evidence. When in Europe he missed the CSKA (round trip), Juventus, Ajax and, lately, PSG, the team had "something bad" happened: he lost five times. That natural anxiolytic that impacts the result is only produced by superior personalities.

A penalty to suit you. The Panenka penalties are a demonstration of technical purity and competitive coldness, but first, of an exhibitionist audacity that fascinates me and paints Sergio from top to bottom. He doesn't mind coming from a huge mistake; neither the psychological war with the doorman; let alone be surrounded by a burning mass willing to love you or hate you for a single action; Not even the size of the match. That pressure is compensated by the pleasure of feeling the owner of all eyes, the center of the world. Because it is precisely to the world that wants to show what paste is made, and choose the most mocking and risky penalty of the sample to tell us that fear was not made for him. "He will not be able to repeat it again," we tell ourselves. But yes, the times that are necessary so that we do not confuse it with a central marker to use, those pragmatic types that play not to be mistaken and whose first commandment is to provide security.

Number of games played as international.

Number of games played as international.

The man who only conforms to everything. Rarely have I met a player with so much confidence in himself, a trait to which he owes many of his virtues and a single flaw: it tastes too good to feel superior, which causes few errors, but improper in its category. Just watch him play to understand that faith in himself. When he jumps, when he runs, when he disputes, when he plays, there is something abusive in his own figure that makes so much security obvious. Like any leader, he also defines his courage: physics, to put his leg anywhere (poor person who dares to put it in the same place); and morality, to deal with media pressures, memes or periodic crises that lurk in Madrid. At that time his mood seems asbestos and in the locker room he stands, as the captain he is, in shelter or as a trigger for the entire squad. But not only of excesses lives his football. Time has also been modulating its technique, every day more complete to get the ball from behind with the precision, criteria and category of the crack that is, to head in both areas or to give some vice as striker in misguided games.

Place of arrival? Don't even dream it. It was a side to which the function was insufficient, so he decided to become central to widen the territory and its hierarchy. He is a defender who scores goals, so one day, as if heroism were a routine, he decided to make the most important and agonizing goal of the last 50 years in the history of Madrid. Golazo against Atlético in Lisbon that, incidentally, paints him as one of the best headers in history. Since there is a FIFA prize for the best player of the season per position, he won it 10 times so that no doubts remain. Since he is famous did a wedding Hollywood which lacked no excess Y he tells Amazon how great his life is so we don't confuse him with any person. And since it is international, against Norway it will reach the place where nobody ever arrived in Spain. Spain? Arrival and departure site because you know, everything is insufficient for your ambition. Since he came here, he will have no choice but to begin the conquest of the world. We will continue to inform.

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