The Congress urges the Government to fight the loneliness of the elderly | Society

The Congress urges the Government to fight the loneliness of the elderly | Society

The plenary session of the Congress approved yesterday by 332 votes in favor and 7 abstentions (the deputies of the PDeCAT) a non-law proposal of the Popular Group that urges the Government to "raise awareness in society about chronic loneliness, especially when it affects the elderly "to know it better and" to be able to prevent its consequences ".

Proposals not of law are usually an intention of intentions and their journey depends on the will of the Executive or of the parliamentary groups to elaborate a law that develops it. Therefore, most of the time they have more symbolic than effective charge.

In them, the exposition of motives is often more important than their content. In this case it is indicated that nine million people over 65 live in Spain, and "many of them are alone, not always by their own will". Among the causes of this involuntary isolation mention "the impossibility of leaving" and "the death of a loved one".

The situation of loneliness "is growing in the rural environment, due to the depopulation of these areas, which constitute more than half of the national territory," the text states. "The isolation of the towns and villages, far from each other, and the progressive aging of rural inhabitants, due to the increase in life expectancy, fruit in turn of the substantial improvement of economic, health and epidemiological conditions, determines that the last years of the life of these people, also linked to the end of active working life, have loneliness as a determining factor ".

The proposal gives the example of countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom "have created national programs to raise awareness about chronic loneliness, promote a better understanding of the consequences and improve the interventions to which it can lead", and asks to the Government to look at these examples.


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