Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

The Congress urges the Government not to raise the contributions to the self-employed

The Congress urges the Government not to raise the contributions to the self-employed


The requests of the self-employed They have arrived at the Congress. PP, Citizens, Pdecat and Compromis have today approved a proposal not of law in urging the Government not to raise the price of self-employed, to keep the flat rate and establish a new rate of 50 euros for self-employed workers who earn less than minimum salary, in addition to softening the benefit for cessation of activity. The proposal has gone forward with 175 votes in favor and 164 abstentions.

PSOE, Podemos, ERC and PNV have abstained in a proposal that advocates that the rise in the contribution bases of the self-employed be applied in the same terms as previous years and prior agreement with professional associations more representative, "taking into account the harmful effects that this type of increase in prices would have for our economy and for the creation of employment, especially given the signs of deceleration that have been observed." The idea transferred by Social Security to the self-employed group is an increase of up to 12.25% the minimum base from January 1.

Restart an activity

They also advocate maintaining the flat rate of 50 euros for new self-employed people who start or resume an activity "as a measure that has allowed the promotion of creation of thousands of jobs autonomous communities in our country, as well as recognizing, in line with what has been declared by various judicial rulings, their application to corporate autonomous»That constitute an SME while they benefit from it.

The groups also demand a new bonus on the minimum contribution base that sets the fee at 50 euros per month, or at 30 euros in the case of self-employed under 30 years or that they accredit a degree of disability greater than 33%, to which they can be admitted, at the beginning of each year, all self-employed workers whose average monthly income in the previous twelve months does not exceed the amount of the annual minimum salary current in each moment, extendable for annual periods provided that the self-employed income does not exceed this threshold, so that the self-employed who go through periods of difficulty can maintain their registration and social protection until they can consolidate their activity.

And finally, they ask that the necessary reforms be approved to enforce the right to protection by cessation of activity, making the requirements for recognition more flexible; extending the duration of the economic benefit by cessation of activity, equating it with the unemployment benefit; and creating a new subsidy for cessation of activity for those who exhaust the benefit or do not meet the minimum contribution period for access.


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