The Congress unanimously requests that Philosophy be compulsory again in Secondary | Society

The Congress unanimously requests that Philosophy be compulsory again in Secondary | Society

The groups PP, PSOE, Podemos and Citizens have approved Wednesday a proposal not of law in the commission of Education of the Congress of the Deputies that reinforces the presence of the subject of Philosophy in the institutes. The intention of the parties is that Ethics returns to teach in 4th grade of secondary with obligatory character, and in 2º of baccalaureate History of the Philosophy. The PP, who cornered the subject, since last year It showed his interest in recovering it. "We can not allow any student to finish compulsory education without having philosophical knowledge," said his education spokesperson, Sandra Moneo.

The philosophy it went very badly stopped in the reform of the curriculum that established the LOMCE (Land Organic for the Improvement of Educational Quality), better known as Wert law, which was approved in 2013. In this law the subject of Philosophy of 1º of baccalaureate was maintained as main, but the core character of the History of the Philosophy of 2º of baccalaureate and of Ethics of 4º of the ESO was eliminated.

In 4th year of secondary school, Ethics is an elective with hardly any workload and alternative to Religion. For many, a bone compared to Religion considered a "Mary" that is approved without difficulty. In Madrid, in fact, the enrollment in Religion skyrocketed with the change of curriculum.

"Philosophy is the only subject of high school that is in a anomalous situation, since it is core in 1st year of baccalaureate and compulsory for the final stage test, but the students may not see it again in the 2nd year of high school, "explains Unidos Podemos in their unanimously supported proposal. a small margin of action in the curricula, have included these years History of Philosophy as mandatory in many branches of the baccalaureate, but now what they want to impose is their common and inescapable character in all the training itineraries.

"What a joy, what a joy, I can not believe it! With what I fought because I changed!", The essayist Emilio Lledó congratulates himself when he heard the news. "I hope it's already a reality, what has happened these years has been nonsense," he says. "Philosophy is not about going through the roof, no, philosophy is a critical conscience in the heart of history, which is what it has always been," the author explains. About education "Because the great philosophers were not gentlemen who were speculating in the air, they were people who looked at life, who looked at society, nature, the behavior of human beings, and then they created the communicative society, they thought that they had to reflect about what was happening, about good, justice, truth ... ", summarizes the discipline. And he concludes: "that is why it is necessary for philosophy to become for the children a look and a critical reflection on the world or the word".

The Spanish Philosophy Network (REF), which brings together 56 associations of philosophers from all over Spain, It has been mobilized since the promulgation of the LOMCE in 2013 against the suppression of this matter. During these six yearsAn organized Olympics, congresses, debates and even street jousts, to draw attention to the need for philosophy for the democratic articulation of society.


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