The Congress Table validates the vote on the labor reform and Batet charges the PP for its "attacks"

The majority of the Table of the Congress of Deputies has endorsed this Tuesday the legitimacy of the controversial vote of the labor reform from last day 3, an initiative that went ahead thanks to the mistake of the PP deputy Alberto Casero. PSOE and United We Can, which have a majority in the governing body of the Lower House, have thus rejected the complaints raised by the popular and by Vox, which last week even accused the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, of having promulgated a "rib" for validating Casero's vote and that they have even appealed to the Constitutional Court.

The blunder in the labor reform is no longer a

The blunder in the labor reform is no longer a "computer error"

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Batet herself has appeared before the media after the meeting of the Table to announce that this body "by a majority has agreed that the decisions" adopted regarding the vote "were correct", that the verification of Casero's telematic vote was done well , that "there was no computer error", there was no room for a meeting of the Table, as requested by the PP, and that "the errors" do not allow the deputies to change their votes.

"In all situations, we acted in accordance with the law", assured Batet, recalling the report of the lawyers last Friday that endorsed the legitimacy of the vote.

The president of the Congress has also charged against PP and Vox for the "attacks" suffered in recent weeks and, specifically, before "the disqualifications poured on the services of the Congress and its legal services." "Every institution needs to respect its own rules and those who are dedicated to applying and interpreting them", he remarked, referring to the criticism leveled by the right against the lawyers of the Lower House for their favorable report on the legitimacy of the vote on labor reform.

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