March 8, 2021

The congress 'Runnea Summit' brings together the best running athletes – La Provincia

This Friday is celebrated in Bilbao on 'Runnea Summit ', The first congress of running in shorts for popular athletes, which under the motto 'Run to reach your goal' will feature the best running athletes, including Alma Obregón, Luis Hita, Jonatan Fernández, Raquel González or Saúl Ordoñez.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the stories behind these athletes, such as the aforementioned Alma Obregón -guru of the cupcakes but that she has on her legs 13 marathons worldwide– and of professionals who will contribute their vision of sport, in general, and of running, in particular, through inspirational talks.

The participation of Sandra Gervilla, Runnea nutritionist, and Alberto Onion, trainer of sports monitors and champion of Spain of Cuadriatlón.

Runnea Women Team

During the event, the presentation of the new members of the 'Runnea Women', movement that aims encourage physical activity among women of any age, and especially to integrate women into the running universe, and not only from a competitive facet, but also as Healthy and social lifestyle.

Also, the 'Runnea Awards 2019 by Forum Sport' will be delivered to the best running shoes of the year and to the devices that help improve the experience of this sport day by day.


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