The Congress puts to the vote tomorrow an initiative of Citizens to ask the Government to activate 155 in Catalonia

The Congress puts to the vote tomorrow an initiative of Citizens to ask the Government to activate 155 in Catalonia

The Plenary of the Congress will put to vote on Tuesday an initiative of Citizens to urge the Government to "make the prior request" to the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra, prior to the application of Article 155 of the Constitution.

Article 155 establishes that if an autonomous community does not comply with the Constitution or other laws or acts "in a manner that seriously threatens the general interest of Spain," the Government, upon request to the president of the regional government and in the case of not being served, may adopt, with the approval of the Senate by an absolute majority, "the necessary measures" to force the autonomous community to comply with these obligations or for the protection of the general interest.

The proposal not of Cs law, registered on October 2, after the incidents that occurred in Catalonia during the anniversary of the illegal referendum of October 1, 2017, also proposes that the Congress condemn "the violent actions of the separatist commanders" of that day and, in particular, "the attack on the Security Forces of the State (FCSE), the occupation of key infrastructures and the assault on the delegation of the Government of the Generalitat in Gerona and the Parliament of Catalonia".

Also, Citizens seeks that the Lower House condemn the statements in which Torra encouraged the Committees of Defense of the Republic (CDR) to "tighten", with which he encouraged the pro-independence activists "to disobedience and violent actions."

The initiative also expresses support for the FCSE and all the officials who guarantee "the security, rights and freedoms" of citizens in Catalonia, as well as all those "democrats" who, regardless of their ideology, respect the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy.


The spokesman of the orange formation in the Congress, Juan Carlos Girauta, has affirmed this Monday in press conference that at the moment "the conditions established in the article 155 are given so that this clause starts up", thought for "cases of breach of the law "or for those in which" the general interest is undermined ".

"The history of disloyalty of the Government of the Generalitat is very long," he said after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the orange party, indicating that the Catalan Executive "is working against the State, against its integrity and prestige abroad, to that the laws in Catalonia are a dead letter and for the destabilization of Spain ".

In addition, Torra "sets as an example for the Catalans the secession of a country through warfare" (Slovenia) and there are "continuous statements" by the pro-independence politicians warning that they seek "secession through the fait accompli", has added


The parliamentary spokesman has warned that if the Government of Pedro Sánchez "does not fulfill its obligations", then "will be responsible for what may happen" in Catalonia.

Regarding the celebration of the Council of Ministers in Barcelona next Friday, he said that pro-independence parties and associations have encouraged cutting roads, interrupting rail traffic and taking infrastructure to "impose their model of Catalonia through fear and coercion "

"We ask Mr. Sánchez that when he thinks of Catalonia, instead of thinking about tourist trips, think of 155, which means freedom, security and the Rule of Law," he said, indicating that the government "will arrive in bunkerized Barcelona and bunkerized will return to Madrid "while the non-separatist Catalans stay there.


The orange training proposal would not have practical effects since it is not the Congress, but the Senate, which has the competence to approve the application of Article 155 of the Constitution and always at the request of the Government.

Therefore, it would only have a political value to measure the parliamentary support to the possibility of reapplying the 155. Even so, the president of Cs has indicated that if Congress finally makes this request to the Government, it "has to attend to the national sovereignty, "and added that this vote will see those who" do not want to apply the Constitution in Catalonia so that it does not get angry I do not know who ".

Although the House of Representatives already rejected on October 16 proposed proposals of the PP and Citizens that persecuted that the Executive of Pedro Sanchez put in place the mechanisms to re-activate this constitutional measure, the context then was different from the current one.


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