July 24, 2021

The Congress of Peru leaves ready for a referendum of the reforms proposed by the Executive

The Congress of Peru leaves ready for a referendum of the reforms proposed by the Executive

The Peruvian Congress today left ready to be submitted to referendum the four proposals for political reform and the Judiciary presented at the end of July by the Executive Branch as part of the fight against corruption.

The plenary session of the Legislature approved during this morning the last two pending reforms, which include the immediate re-election of the congressmen and the conformation of a parliament with senators and deputies.

The parliamentarians had already approved the other two projects, referring to the total reform of the National Council of Magistrates and the control of the financing of political parties.

The final decision was taken after a debate of more than 11 hours, in which the plenary convened at the stroke of midnight the president of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva, after he criticized in social networks some changes that were intended to be carried out in the initial projects of the Executive.

The congressmen considered that his pronouncement was an "intervention" in his work, after he asked "to respect the balance of powers and the immediate re-election of congressmen".

"Let the people decide in a referendum, and the proposals of the Executive should not be distorted," Villanueva said before affirming that only "an economically viable country with legal security" will be achieved through the reforms proposed by the Executive.

The prime minister added that the government defends its proposals because it fights corruption and Congress has to help "build the country."

After the approval, the president of the Congress, the Fujimorista Daniel Salaverry, assured that the parliament "honors its commitments", since two weeks ago it granted a question of confidence so that the projects are ready, at the latest, today, so that they can be submitted to a referendum on December 9, as requested by the Executive.


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