The Congress is in favor of Philosophy being compulsory in Baccalaureate

The Congress is in favor of Philosophy being compulsory in Baccalaureate

The Education Commission of the Congress today unanimously approved a non-law proposal in which it manifests the will to reorganize the Bachillerato curriculum to establish Philosophy and the History of Philosophy as common and compulsory subjects in 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato.

All the groups present have backed a compromise text to the initial proposal of Unidos Podemos that was debated and voted on this afternoon in the Commission, which was chaired for the first time by the former Minister of Education and Culture Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, who replaces the deputy popular Teófila Martínez.

The final text also supports the will of the Congress that the new curriculum of 4th of ESO incorporates the subject of Ethics as a common and mandatory subject.

The Organic Law for the Improvement of Educational Quality (Lomce) establishes as the core the subject of Philosophy in the 1st Baccalaureate, but eliminates the core character of the History of Philosophy in the 2nd Baccalaureate and the compulsory nature of Ethics in the 4th year of Secondary Education.

Likewise, the agreed text indicates the intention of the Lower House to design a common curriculum for the entire non-university educational system, which is at the same time stable and flexible in the contents.

And within that basic curriculum, adds the proposal, to include a training cycle in Philosophy "sequenced" during the last three years of secondary education -4º of ESO, 1º and 2º of Bachillerato-, "in a way analogous to what it happens in other subjects like Language, Mathematics and History ".


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