The Congress gives green light to the roof of expenditure of Sanchez with the vote of the Catalan separatists

The Congress gives green light to the roof of expenditure of Sanchez with the vote of the Catalan separatists


The Congress of Deputies will give the green light to the deficit path of the Government, which leaves it to the Senate to decide whether to approve the wicker on which the 2019 Budgets rest, which the Executive will present in January or February. The PSOE has obtained the support of the Catalan separatists of Pdecat and ERC, as well as of the Canary Islands, Compromís and Podemos. Precisely the vote of the formation of Pablo Iglesias was the one that had maintained the suspense until the end, although as expected his deputy, Alberto Montero, has announced his support in the plenary session. «We are going to vote affirmatively, even if it is with a stuffy nose», Has sentenced Montero.

The deficit path from 2019 to 2021 raises the deficit target of 1.3% of GDP approved by the Government of Rajoy to 1.8% in 2019, and sets the basis for setting the limit of non-financial expenditure, which the Executive Agreed with Podemos we can raise it from 119,834 million in 2018 to 125,064 million in 2019. This path has already been rejected by the lower house in July, but now it will gather the majority in the vote that will take place after lunch.

However, as the Ministry of Finance admits, this path has a short life span, seven days in particular. Because next December 27, the Senate that has veto capacity, will knock down these objectives due to the rejection of the PP, which has a majority in the Upper House. Therefore the Executive wants to reform the Stability Law, to remove this veto capacity to the Senate, but it rests blocked at the Congress table by the PP.

Therefore, in the plenary session of the Congress a dance of future and hypothetical support has been staged to the Budgets, one day of the Council of Ministers to be held in Barcelona, ​​but with numerous warnings from the pro-independence and Podemos. The own deputy of ERC, Joan Margall, has based his vote on «the Christmas spirit that seems to invade us in the last days", Although he has reported that they are" aware that this spending ceiling will not go ahead because of the rejection of the PP in the Senate. "

Catalonia's backdrop

The vote of the Pdecat is based on the fact that common system communities, including Catalonia, will have two tenths of a deficit in 2019 with this new path, "470 million more expenses for the Generalitat", has defined the parliamentarian of the group, Ferran Bel, who has also warned the Government that the proposal they would agree with the Executive on Catalonia «It does not simply happen through a new Estatut».

Pablo Iglesias, in the corridors of the Congress, has indicated that although the agreements with the Executive have seemed insufficient, values ​​"the rise of the SMI to 900 euros and improve the Unit" or the "largest scholarships" that contain the accounts for give your support

Rejections and reproaches

Among the toughest appearances against the Government, Ana Oramas, of the Canarian Coalition, has criticized the Government for the increase in investment in Catalonia and the refusal to do the same in the Canary Islands in matters such as "the rehabilitation of prickly pears". «They have sold Canary Islands for a photo", Has accused, in reference to the image that will be taken by Pedro Sánchez and the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra to stage a kind of understanding on the occasion of the" summit "to be held.

The deficit path, in short, will thus reap 178 votes, from PSOE, Podemos, ERC, NV, Pdecat, Compromís and Nueva Canarias, while it will face 173 "noes" that will come from PP, Ciudadanos, Bildu, Canary Coalition, Asturias Forum and UPN. The spending ceiling is already preparing to spend Christmas in the Senate.


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