March 2, 2021

The Congress expels for a year the journalist from 'Ok Diario' who recorded without permission in the office of Irene Montero

The journalist of Ok Daily that was entered without permission in the office of the Congress of Irene Montero and recorded some images that were later published by the means of Eduardo Inda can not enter the House for a year. The Board of Congress decided on Wednesday to withdraw the accreditation to Segundo Sanz for the maximum time permitted by internal regulations, but has exempted the media from liability. From United We can have demanded that a new file be opened Ok Daily so that the sanction does not fall only on the worker.

The events occurred on the 20th, according to the internal investigation carried out by the Chamber's services. As seen in the security cameras of the Congress. the journalist in question enters at 8.00 through one of the doors that gives access to the building that houses a good part of the offices of the deputies and, after being accredited, directly accesses the plant where the offices of the confederal group are located. The doors of the offices were open because at that time the cleaning service is doing its job.

The video taken in Montero's office, in addition to that of Pablo Iglesias, was published by Ok Daily in an information signed by the journalist himself, who has alleged in his defense that the images do not show the moment in which he records the images. The file approved by the Board, in any case, leaves no doubt that Sanz is the author of the facts.

In United We can not have been satisfied and have claimed that the penalty is extended to the media and not just the person who executed the orders. But for that it will be necessary to open a new file and start another instruction.

In his last brief of allegations, presented this Tuesday, Montero points out that this is not the first time that Ok Daily record and disseminate personal images of deputies obtained without permission. For example, a conversation between Montero and Iglesias in the cafeteria of the Lower House, where it is prohibited that journalists can even take photographs.

In his allegations, Montero maintains that the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, has not taken into account the previous document in which they point out that the facts "can not be understood in isolation, but rather respond to repeated behavior of the digital page Ok Daily, to which it belongs, to undermine parliamentary activity by unlawful means and which in any case explicitly contravene the norms, uses and customs of the Chamber. "

This case is not only being resolved in Congress. We can report to the National Police the facts, which were transferred to the courts.

In United We can point out that while the instruction of the Communication Department of Congress does not make the slightest reproach to Ok Daily while "there are media that request accreditation in Congress for years without the Communication Directorate of Congress being allowed to be accredited as a means to carry out their informative work".

"It is extremely serious that the violation of Article 18 and 23 of the Constitution is intended to be substantiated by the application of an instruction regarding not taking photographs in unauthorized places," the allegations state. That violation of articles that consecrate personal inviolability and the political participation, says the letter, should imply a greater sanction. The Mesa del Congreso will study the reformulation of the Instruction that limits the work of journalists.

United We can denounce the "desire to protect the activity of the digital page Ok Daily in the Congress of Deputies by the Directorate of Communication and the General Secretariat, dependent on the Presidency of the Congress "and that, they say," are intended to affect and undermine the parliamentary activity of elected representatives. "" This part considers of extreme seriousness what happened, which sets a dangerous precedent in the parliamentary activity of the Chamber, which puts in question the security of the deputies and the deputies, as well as the capacity to carry out the parliamentary activity without being subjected to espionage by the media. accredited by the Communication Department of the Congress ", ditch.

The Congress also investigates the recording, again without permission, of the office of the first secretary of the Bureau, Gerardo Pisarello. The images of the rooms of the deputy of En Comú Podem also appeared in Antena 3 and, in addition, in Ok Daily.

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