The Congress convenes on Tuesday the speech to reform the Law of Pardons a year after taking it into consideration

The Congress convenes on Tuesday the speech to reform the Law of Pardons a year after taking it into consideration

The Commission of Justice of the Congress will constitute already this Tuesday the report of the reform of the Law of Pardons, sponsored by the PSOE, after the PP threatened to present another text focused on the Catalan independence movement if the initiative was not pushed at once , which had been blocked for months.

This proposal of the PSOE, registered in August 2016 and accepted by the Plenary Session of Congress in September 2017, modifies the Law of Rules for the exercise of Grace of Pardon – dating from 1870 – to prohibit this measure from being granted to condemned for corruption and for crimes of gender violence.

After numerous extensions, the groups presented their amendments last February, but since then nothing has moved until the parliamentary spokesman of the PP, Dolors Montserrat, urged last week the call of the paper to promote the processing.

Specifically, Montserrat gave a 24-hour ultimatum to the PSOE to activate the amendment of the Law of Pardons and thus prevent this measure of grace could be applied to convicted by sedition or rebellion. Moreover, he warned that if the proposed law remained paralyzed, Congress would register another alternative and a reform of the Criminal Code to recover criminal offenses such as the calling of an illegal referendum.


Thus, the Board of the Justice Commission, chaired by Isabel Rodriguez, decided at its meeting last week, and after analyzing the appeal of Montserrat, set for Tuesday the constitution of the paper.

It will be a first meeting followed by others and where it will be decided which amendments are incorporated into the original PSOE law proposal. From the outset, the PP has already announced its objective of excluding from this pardon those convicted of sedition or rebellion, which affects the Catalan separatists who are in preventive detention for the illegal referendum on October 1, 2017.

All this because of the Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, was in favor of pardoning the imprisoned sovereignist leaders or that the vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, pointed out that "it would not be logical to extend the preventive detention" if the The judgment of the procès politicians expands over time.


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