The Congress approves the path of deficit of the Government with the support of the independentistas

The Congress approves the path of deficit of the Government with the support of the independentistas

The Government has managed to take forward the second budget route for the 2019-2021 period with the votes in favor of PSOE, Unidos Podemos, ERC, PDeCAT, PNV and Compromis, against the votes against PP, Cs, Eh- Bildu, Asturias Forum and Canary Coalition. However, the majority of the PP in the Senate will reject it next Thursday.

Specific, the Plenary Congress of Deputies the agreement on the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt for 2019-2021 proposed by the Government, with the votes in favor of 176 deputies against the 168 votes against.

The path, rejected by the Upper House in July, raises to 1.8% the deficit next year, so it offers a budget margin of 6,000 million euros, after the government got back the block of the partners of the motion of censure.

The approval of the objectives is the prelude to the approval of the bill of General State Budgets for 2019, which the Government plans to approve in the Council of Ministers and send to Congress next January.

The Government's path contemplates a deficit of 1.8% for 2019, five tenths more than the current target of Mariano Rajoy, with a margin of almost 6,000 million that makes the goal for the State (0.4%) more flexible two for the Social Security (1.1%) and in two others for the Autonomous Communities (0.3%). By 2019, it establishes a deficit of 1.1% and four tenths in 2021 -all for Social Security-, compared to the current objectives of the PP Government of three tenths and surpluses, respectively.

Despite the approval of the path in Congress, the Government needs the support of the Senate, where the absolute majority of the PP will reject the objectives in the plenary session next Thursday, December 27.

The current Budgetary Stability Law grants the veto capacity to the Upper House, which is why the Government agreed to modify this law and the PSOE and several other groups registered a law to change the Stability Law.

However, the majority in the PP and Citizens Congress Bureau makes these formations, contrary to the modification, have in their hands to continue extending the deadlines to submit amendments. After overcoming two debates in the Plenary, this initiative is waiting to receive its amendments to the articles.

The "last gesture" of the independence

During his speech in the debate on the path of stability, which is accompanied by the limit of non-financial spending, known as the 'ceiling of expenditure' of 2019, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has argued that the path is "more flexible" and realistic "than the current one, in accordance with the agencies' forecasts and it is" a prerequisite to offer greater legal certainty in the processing of the Budgets ".

Montero has said that the path is an "opportunity for Spain" to promote growth and improvement of public services, so he has called for a "dance without masks" and to support the 2,500 million euros more to the autonomous communities, in a context in which "today more than ever it is necessary to reinforce the discourse of the State of the autonomies".

On the other hand, Unidos Podemos has indicated to the Government that it has to "pamper" the forces that supported the motion of censure to oust the Executive of Mariano Rajoy, while from the nationalist forces, ERC has wanted to show a message of "good will" so as not to break the "very few bridges that remain and the very fine thread of dialogue" with the Government, in what "perhaps" is the "last gesture" on the part of their formation. "Because of ERC, there will not be, here's our gesture, now the ball is on its roof", Joan Margall from ERC has indicated to Montero.

In this line, the deputy of the PdeCAT, Ferran Bel, has warned that the support to the path "is not the prelude of a yes to the PGE", since the support to the new public accounts needs a proposal of political solution to Catalonia on the part of the Government that "does not happen simply by a new Estatut".

From the PNV, Compromis and Nueva Canarias have supported the new path, while the rest of the formations have questioned it.

The deputy of the PP, Víctor Valentín Piriz, has described as "tricky" the agreement of the path, since in his opinion it is directed to a "costly electoral campaign of the PSOE", while the deputy of Cs Toni Roldán has indicated that the PGE "put the Spanish economy at risk," and instead asked for reforms and not spend more.

Visibly annoying, Ana Oramas of the Canary Islands Coalition has criticized the Government for going to detract 200 million dollars for the Canary Islands to invest in roads in Catalonia. "By taking a photo Sanchez with Torra are able to make a decision and a very expensive price that will be paid by the Canarians," he has said to a government that in his opinion "has no scruples."

The deputy of Forum Asturias has also criticized "funding on demand" for Catalonia, and from EH-Bildu Maite Beitialarrangoitia the lack of dialogue of the Government.


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