Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The Congress approves the 6 economic decrees of the Government without the support of the PP

The Congress approves the 6 economic decrees of the Government without the support of the PP

The Permanent Deputation of the Congress has validated this Wednesday the six economic laws decreed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the support of the parties that voted in favor of the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy and with the vote against the PP to all the rules.

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The debate of these decrees laws, which has lasted about seven hours, has received harsh criticism from all the opposition, which has accused the Executive of not having negotiated its contents and presenting them with an electoral backdrop.

The majority of the Congress has validated all the norms, also the decree of improvement for the rent, whose final vote depended on the PNV, which has voted in favor and has received 33 supports, 31 votes against (PP and Cs) and 1 abstention ( UPN).

The parliamentary group of the PP has voted against all the decrees laws: the one of measures to confront an eventual "brexit" without agreement, the relative one to the paternity leave, to the subsidies to the unemployed majors of 52 years, to the impulse to the rent, the stowage sector and the investment of the surplus of autonomies and municipalities.

The Permanent Deputation consists of 64 deputies plus the vote of the president of the Congress, Ana Pastor, of which 25 correspond to the PP, 15 to the PSOE, 12 to the Unidos Podemos, 6 to the Citizens, 2 to the ERC, 1 to the PNV, and 4 to the Mixed Group, whose titular members correspond to the PDeCAT, Compromís, UPN and EH Bildu.

Most of the decrees have received 40 votes in favor (PSOE, Unidos Podemos, Ciudadanos, ERC, PDeCAT, Compromís, UPN and EH Bildu), 25 against (PP) and 0 abstentions.

However, Ciudadanos has abstained in the new law that recovers the subsidy to the unemployed over 52 years and that provides for the time register, as well as in the decree of the stowage sector, while UPN has abstained in the law of rental and the stowage.

On the other hand, although some groups had requested the processing as bills of decrees of paternity, subsidy and housing permits, finally the petitions have not come forward and will not be compromised.


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