The Congress and the Judiciary are the entities with the greatest disapproval in Peru

The Congress and the Judiciary are the entities with the greatest disapproval in Peru

The Congress and the Peruvian Judicial Branch are the most disapproving institutions of the State, with 89% and 77% respectively, according to a survey published today.

The survey prepared by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) and disseminated by the newspaper La República, also revealed that the approval of the Legislature barely reaches 7% and its annual average reached only 11%.

Meanwhile, the judiciary, severely hit this year by the disclosure of the existence of a criminal network that negotiated perks and favors in the Peruvian judiciary, reaches an approval of 18% and its annual average of support was just 11%.

The study also put to query the performance of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, led by the controversial attorney general Pedro Chávarry, openly confronted with prosecutors against money laundering investigating the opposition leader Keiko Fujimori and former President Alan García.

68% of the surveyed population disapproved of the performance of the Office of the Prosecutor, while their support obtained 26%, and their approval average stood at 21%.

Also the relationship between the Executive Power and the Congress, controlled by Fujimorism, was put to consultation; over it 54% perceived it as "conflictive", while 31% described it as "tense, but advances", and only 6% said that the relationship between both powers is "cordial".

The perception of conflict between the two entities has remained since last June, when the first discrepancies between the president Martin Vizcarra and the Legislature were seen, such as the promulgation of the so-called "Gag Law", which prohibited the dissemination of State advertising in media private communication, and that subsequently was left without effect by the Constitutional Court.

The survey was conducted between December 7 and 12 to 1,184 people, with a margin of error of 2.8% and a confidence level of 95%.


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