Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The confusion that has leaked to Kim Kardashian in the final of 'GH Duo'

La confusión que ha colado a Kim Kardashian en la final de ‘GH Dúo’

This Thursday will know who stands victor of this first edition of
Big Brother Duo
(GH Duo) and the fans of the two finalists, María Jesús Ruiz Y Kiko Rivera, take advantage of any thread on Twitter to request the vote of your favorite.

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The madness has been unleashed in networks to interpret that another expert in telereality supported the Andújar from the other side of the pond. Kim Kardashian tweeted last Sunday "MJ is doing amazing now! (MJ is making it amazing now) ". Something that has been used by the fans of the Miss Spain 2004 to continue with their call to vote.

The official account of Big Brother He has also entered the game of many netizens asking the American celebrity: "Wow, Kim! We never knew you were such a fan of GH Duo! What is your favorite thing about MJ? We bet it's the way he sings 'Déjate Querer', is not it? "

It is very probable that Kim Kardashian does not know who María Jesús Ruiz is, and obviously that message was not aimed at supporting her. The "MJ" to which the celebrity on his Twitter is actually his maternal grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell. With the flood of reactions in the same direction that fans of the program have generated, Kim may find out who Andújar's is.

Kim Kardashian was referring to her maternal grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell

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