The confinement of the neighborhoods of La Palma affected by air quality is lifted

The technicians of the Plan e lift the confinement in the neighborhoods of Tazacore, El Paso and Los Llanos.

➡ From now on, the population will be notified by public address when it is necessary for them to stay at home.

➡ In those episodes in which the air quality is occasionally altered, the discomfort is mild, such as itchy eyes. People with weak immune systems, young children, and pregnant women are advised to exercise extreme caution.

➡ 1,005 buildings have been affected by lava (880 totally destroyed and 105 partially damaged), according to the latest data from the Corpernicus satellite.

➡ Magma broke the irrigation network of El Remo, which generated a cloud of white smoke this morning.

➡ 28.3km of road are disabled by magma.

➡ 201 people are evacuated at the Fuencaliente hotel.

➡ The current volcanic process is consistent with other eruptions in the Canary Islands.


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