The confession of a ‘First Dates’ diner: “I caught the Covid and my boyfriend left me”

Sandra in & # 039; First Dates & # 039 ;.

Sandra in ‘First Dates’.

First Dates‘receives daily guests who make very personal confessions about their lives. This is the case of Sandra, a 22-year-old esthetician from Alicante, who told José, her date that night, what was the reason for her last sentimental break during the dinner they shared: “I lasted two months with him. Very little. I took the Covid and he left me“.

“I took the Covid and, since we were together, I hit it. So he had to stop working and blamed that circumstance on me.“, explained the Alicante later in a total before the cameras of the dating presented by Carlos Sobera.

Leaving aside this confession he made, the truth is that they both started their date very well. In fact, José met many of the requirements of Sandra’s extensive and ambitious list: “If you don’t have a driver’s license or a car to see us, it’s a bit … If you have children, it also puts me back a bit. It has to be taller than yy dark. he likes parties “.

“I love the party, but what happens is that I always have to go reserved because what it is that being on the track overwhelms me a lot because of the people there. Both because of the pushes and because I am a very hot boy who jumps with the minimum I like to be in a private room, that is comfortable and with my friends. The goal is to have fun and drink, but in a controlled way to remember the next day“, said the boy in a total on camera, also revealing

Once they were seated at the table that the program reserved for them, the two began to get to know each other more thoroughly. In fact, in addition to talking about his previous relationships, José made Sandra distrust him after he told her that he was unfaithful to his girlfriend: “That takes away a lot of points. I see this boy on the street and I think he’s a gulf. I wouldn’t talk to him because I think he’s playing with girls.”

In the last minutes, this distrust was not transcendental in ‘The final decision’ of both, since both José and Sandra wanted to have a second date with the other. “I have to get to know him better and see if the image that I have taken at dinner is what I think. If he is the typical boy who thinks about a party or if he has his moments of relaxation,” explained the girl before leaving the restaurant of ‘ First Dates’.


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