Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The condemnation faced by the four creators of Seriesyonkis.com

La condena a la que se enfrentan los cuatro creadores de Seriesyonkis.com

The prosecutor asks for 2 years in jail and a fine of 4,200 euros for each of the 4 responsible ofthe web of illegal downloads on the internet
judged from the next Monday in Murcia for crimes against the intellectual property that caused to the producers of cinema damages by 546 million.

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The prosecutor notes in his provisional findings that one of them, "knowing the illegality of his actions" and operating from computer terminals of the University of Murcia, where he was a fellow, and in his own home, operated with websites of which he was administrator.

The prosecutor asks for 2 years in prison and a fine of 4,200 euros for each one

Through three domains hosted on a server domiciled in Seville, it made available to Internet users allegedly access to audiovisual material with intellectual property rights by providing links for online viewing and direct download.

According to the state accusation, in principle acted in its own name and as of April 2009 through a limited company that had constituted two months before.

In April 2010 he sold the domains he administered for 610,000 euros to another company whose representative is also accused, along with two other men who had constituted him with him in December 2009.

The Entity of Management of the Rights of the Audiovisual Producers has valued the damages in 546 million and the Anti-Piracy Federation, in 9.5 million.

The hearing will begin with the statement of the accused and will last until next Thursday.

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