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The concert of Eros Ramazzotti in Gran Canaria, near the 'sold out' - La Provincia

The concert of Eros Ramazzotti in Gran Canaria, near the 'sold out' - La Provincia

The Italian Eros Ramazzotti is about to achieve a new success in his professional career that is debut in Gran Canaria with a sold out since the rate of ticket sales for this concert that will take place on July 24 in the Gran Canaria Arena It is being huge.

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According to the organizers, there are already two thirds of the capacity sold and that there are still three months for what will become the concert of the year in Gran Canaria since Eros Ramazzotti will visit the island for the first time after 35 years of successful musical career to offer islander public his new show called Vita Ce N'è World Tour.

Apart from the usual outlets and the El Corte Inglés website, the demand for flight packages and tickets through the company -which has more than 2,000 agencies- has been enormous, of people who will come from outside of Gran Canaria to see this unique live show.

The concert also has the collaboration of the company Mr & Mrs Entertainment, partner company of DN7 Booking in Europe, which is promoting the event in the United States and will be present in Gran Canaria. You have to remember that the tour Vita Ce N'è World Tour began on February 17 at the Olympiahalle in Munich (Germany) and is composed of 81 concerts announced in 32 countries.

The success of this tour is being huge and proof of this were the two shows that the Italian offered at the end of March in Madrid and Barcelona where he packed the palace of Vistalegre and the Palau Sant Jordi.Vita Ce N'è is a production that has an innovative staging result of the Italian excellence that travels the world with first class musicians, 10 trucks and four buses, for a total of 80 people participating in the tour.

The concerts are led by hope of a good life, which is the central theme of the show. It opens with the notes of Vita ce n'è and the image of the tree of life, a symbol recognized by many cultures that attribute mystical and magical meanings to it, and which is considered with its three elements (roots, trunk and leaves) as the source of life.

It is the same image that Eros chose to tattoo on his arm, to always take his family with him. A repertoire of thirty songs, from the great successes of Ramazzotti's story (Music è, Più bella cosa, Dove c'è musica, Adesso tu), until the songs of the most recent record production.

On the stage, next to Eros, there are eight exceptional musicians and two choristers, for an international production: Luca Scarpa (musical director and piano), Giovanni Boscariol (keyboards), Giorgio Secco and Christian Lavoro (guitars), Paolo Costa (under) and the three international new entry: Corey Sanchez (guitar), Eric Moore (drums), r'n'b and gospel music phenomenon and Scott Paddock (saxo), American famous for his jazz influences that collaborated with artists of the caliber of Natalie Cole, Jackson Browne and Ray Charles. Accompany Eros: Monica Hill Y Giorgia Galassi (choirs).

In a gigantic curtain the images of Eros are projected on horseback that covers the stage where the representation of the tree of life is shown within a projected animation, with three teams of thirty thousand lumen, on a Holo-Gauze in which they appeared suspended as holograms the images of the DNA helix that open the Vita ce n'è World Tour. In the center of the stage the great leaf of the tree is observed, inside which the images of the show are shown.

The semicircular rotating stage, whose shape has been designed and created especially for this tour, is framed by two LED screens for the documentation of live images, and has 28 laser bursts with thousands of points of light each one and a multitude of different focuses to highlight the different environments playing also with the decolor temperatures, from 3200 to 4800 degrees Kelvin (from very warm to very cold colors).

The audio system was prepared up to the smallest detail, both in the choice of the diffusers and in the electronic part, with three directions, one of them totally dedicated to the voice of Eros. The show is music and 30 songs have been chosen that reflect 35 years of Eros' career, in a show lasting more than two hours. In the repertoriose they find, besides the great successes that made it known worldwide (60 million discs sold), the songs of the new album Vita Ce N'è, (Platinum album in Italy) launched by Polydor on November 23 in 100 countries, Italian and Spanish.

Eros takes the opportunity offered by the show to focus attention on two environmental emergencies. Always attentive to the care of the planet, Ramazzotti presents a sequence of alarming images that denounce the worldwide emergence of pollution and the abusive use of plastic. All this assembly is that which will move to the island of Gran Canaria for the concert on July 24. , an event in which DN7 Booking is the company that has hired the artist for the first time in the history of the Canary Islands after 35 years of professional career. Tickets for the Gran Canaria concert are available through the website and the portal of El Corte Inglés


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