April 10, 2021

The comuns seek to ‘match’ Catalan voters on Tinder with their new video

In the 1960 US elections, Kennedy’s Democratic campaign launched a poster against his rival, Nixon, featuring a photo of him with the phrase “Would you buy a used car from this man?” In Comú Podem he has updated the message and wonders if the Catalan voters of 2020 could make a ‘match’ with his candidate, Jéssica Albiach. Recreating a dating application, the ‘comuns’ present Albiach as the candidate most compatible with their audience and the one with the best qualities to be voted on.

The video shows a user of ‘Candidater’, an application to elect like-minded politicians, who rejects all of Albiach’s opponents until he finds her. The formation thus caricatures its two main rivals, the PSC and ERC. Of the socialist candidate Miquel Iceta they affirm that “he dances with the monarchy”, while of Pere Aragonès they underline his pacts with Junts. Instead, the user falls in love with Albiach when he sees her wearing a mask on public health or at a demonstration against climate change. “There is always a first time,” invites En Comú Podem.

“In a moment of disenchantment and demobilization, with this video we intend to approach politics in a different and carefree way, after years of intensity. And it is aimed at a young audience, accustomed to this type of app”, explain campaign sources of Albiach.


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