The comuns bet on a constitution for a Catalonia within a plurinational Spanish republic

The comuns bet on a constitution for a Catalonia within a plurinational Spanish republic

In an interview with Europa Press, he explained that the document is not yet closed and that the mention he makes of the commitment to a Catalan constitution is in line with overcoming the Statute that they have defended from the beginning.

"For us a Catalan constitution is nothing more than the letter of wills that has to have a territory that shares sovereignties with other territories", has also specified the deputy of ECP in the Congress.

Mena explained that the communes defend a sovereign Catalonia within the framework of a plurinational republic "and this is not incompatible with building a constituent process that what is done is to bet on this political solution".

He has rejected that the constitution that includes the outline of political strategy is for an independent Catalonia: "No. It is from a multinational republic, we are probably used to using words in a smaller context, there are German lands that have their own constitution and they are part of a federal republic like the German one.

"We aspire to a constituent process because we have to change many things within Catalonia and we want to make it compatible with a constituent process in the State that gives way to this plurinational republic that we defend", he said.

This document responds to the need that communities see, like any other party, to "constantly analyze the political situation," Mena explains, stressing that the communes do not want to change the ideology and that, in addition, to modify it, a Assembly, since a National Council does not have the capacity to do so.

"No one is aware that in recent times we have lived and are living political situations that must be analyzed and lead to reformulate what is the strategy of each political formation," he explains.

Among them highlights what happened as a result of the motion of censure: "It is not the same as the relationship that Catalonia can have with a Government led by the PP than with a PSOE Government and conditioned by Unidos Podemos to whom we have to always thank has defended the right to self-determination with the political costs that it has outside of Catalonia ".


On December 18, the Parliament approved a motion by the CUP stating that the Constitution has an "antidemocratic and antisocial" character with the support among others of the comuns, and Mena assumes that the aspects that his party sees are not well explained. antidemocratic of the Magna Carta.

Mena believes that the constitution before and after the reform made by PP and PSOE to make the payment of the debt dependent on social spending "is not the same and is something that should be changed," among other things.

In addition, stresses that this reform occurred "with nocturnal and treachery" and, in his opinion, going against the needs of the popular classes and in favor of the elites.


On the meeting of the dialogue table of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, plans to hold with parliamentary groups on February 8, the spokesman expects the Government "to prepare better than the last time", to get out of the meeting with agreed points.

For Mena, in that meeting entities, unions and other social agents should join because it defends that the political solution for Catalonia will not come only from the agreements between political formations and has requested to invite the meeting to unions like CC.OO., UGT, a entities such as Òmnium and associations such as the PAH.


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