The Complutense University suspends the proclamation of the winner of the rector's election for a challenge

The Complutense University suspends the proclamation of the winner of the rector's election for a challenge

Mess in the Complutense University of Madrid after the elections. The less favorite candidate, Joaquín Goyache, won the elections on Wednesday against the prognosis of the current president, Carlos Andradas, but the university has not proclaimed him rector yet for the impeachment of two student polls.

Joaquín Goyache, doctor in Veterinary medicine, won the elections with 50.2% of the weighted votes compared to 49.4% of Carlos Andradas. The winner based his victory on the support of students and PAS (administration and services staff), while the still rector sought more support among the faculty in all its categories.

But Goyache has not been proclaimed rector although Andradas himself recognized his defeat yesterday and the account of the University on Twitter retweeted the message in which Goyache proclaimed himself the winner. The Central Electoral Board of the Complutense is meeting to decide on the challenge.

During the electoral day it was detected that in two concrete urns destined to the students (in the university the vote is weighted, what means that the one of professors, administrative and students is worth different, reason why each collective votes in its own ballot boxes) In the faculties of Information Sciences and Commerce and Tourism there were people who deposited their ballot using a photo of the DNI in the mobile as the only accreditation.

The members of the tables, students chosen by lot also accepted this method of identification because the data that appeared in the photos coincided with the census they had and allowed their comrades to vote, according to sources of the process. But the inspectors of the candidate Andradas contested the ballot as soon as they learned of the fact. The ballot boxes were removed and, at least in the case of Information Sciences, replaced by another one. This method was discontinued and voting continued.

20 votes questioned by ballot box

The minutes of both tables reflect, signed by all the members that formed them, that in both cases the votes validated with a photo of the DNI did not exceed 20. Since the candidacy of Goyache explain that, given the wide difference in the result in both In the polls, the Board should validate the victory of the candidate.

The result in the concrete ballot boxes was, as among the student body in general, very favorable to Goyache. In Information Sciences there were two polls, one from A to L and another from L to Z. According to sources from the university, the candidate won by 262 votes to 92 in the first ballot box, with which there were no problems . In the second, which would be contested, the result was 202 for Goyache, 78 for Andradas, until he retired. In the urn that replaced the latter for the rest of the day 67 votes were counted against 28, with the same winner.

In Commerce and Tourism, the result in the contested urn and withdrawal was 465 votes in favor of Goyache and 36 in favor of Andradas. In which he substituted the sum was 80 ballots for the applicant, 15 for the rector.

The options that the Electoral Board will lower are to directly annul the two ballot boxes, which would keep Goyache's victory; annul 20 favorable votes to Goyache in both ballot boxes, with the same result; or have the elections repeated at those two tables.

This last option would open the door to a victory for Andradas, given that in Information Sciences there are 7,000 students that could vary the final result of the entire university given the tightness of the result. It is very unlikely that both the results of the polls themselves and the participation will be seen, but theoretically possible.

"We hope that they are sensible", sources of Goyache's candidacy value. From the one of Andradas they have been sent to the communication of the Central Electoral Board that announces that it was reunited yesterday until 4 am and that continues along this Thursday.


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