The complaint against Fernando Alonso of another Dakar competitor

The Argentine Newfoundland did not agree with some action of the Spanish

Fernando Alonso has finished eleventh on the first day of the Dakar, a good premiere, although not everyone is happy

"It was a nice start, a desert that reminded me of Libya, quickly, we started in a very technical part, locked and reached Fernando, but we did not manage to get away," said the Argentine pilot Orlando Terranova, as he says

“They gave us the signal that he was listening, but he did not depart. We arrived at the neutralization, we started Fernando and minute and a half behind, I reached it again and there we could pass it, but we made a navigation error that made us waste a lot of time and some slow pilots were put in front of those who had a hard time passing them " I kept explaining.

Fernando Alonso says that this is only the beginning, that he can still do more things, that he has more “stored in his pockets”, but Newfoundland was not very happy: “I respect him, I talked to Coma, who is a great reference, asking him that we have a little more consideration, I will already have a private talk with him to try a norm of coexistence because it is generally good to depart and the one that comes from the back quickly that has more rhythm, ”he continued.

However, he did praise his driving: “He has a good pace, he has taken a lot feeling with the car and it is normal that he lacks time, because it is a sport that requires a few kilometers and it is clear that in the dunes and everywhere he told my co-pilot that he had rhythm, that is, he has done a very good preparation work and has a lot of talent. "


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