February 25, 2021

The competition starts with the best surfing in La Cícer

La Cícer kicked off the first day of the 2020 edition of the OPEN LPA Surf City, the final test of the National Circuit that will crown the male and female champions of the FESurfing and Iberdrola leagues. In a spectacular setting, with a good wave panorama and a holiday atmosphere, the waters of La Cícer in Playa de las Canteras welcomed the best surfers on the national scene from the first hour.

None of the favorites in the FESurfing league failed. The spotlights were on the Cantabrian Néstor García, the Catalan Vicente Romero, the Canarian Luis Díaz and the Basque Bitor Garitaonandia, the four participants who aspire to lift the men’s trophy and all of them made it to the quarterfinals. While in the Iberdrola league, the Canaries Mentado, Suárez, Gónzalez and Machado won by their own merit being able to fight face to face with the best in the country.

Local talent shines at La Cícer

The first races were carried out by the Canarian riders, who took almost all the places that gave access to the second round. Fernando Bacallado was the best of the morning’s heats, achieving a score of 13.00 thanks to the 7.00 credits he obtained in a magnificent maneuver, considered by the judges as the best of the first round. The local talent was noted, and that is also the Canaries Julián Cuello (11.65) and Hugo Hermening (9.90) achieved the other most outstanding scores.

Late in the afternoon, the arrival of the second round brought some of the most spectacular minutes of the day. Moisés Domínguez (10.35) and the Basque Rubén Vitoria (14.10) offered a duel of the highest level coinciding with a great wave of waves and were the first names to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The debut of the Gran Canaria Luis Díaz, who began the test as third in the ranking of the FESurfing 2020 league, came in the second heat of the second round. The surfer raised in the waters of La Cícer did not disappoint, achieving the ticket to quarters with a note of 13.50, although the bar was raised again by Cristian Portelli and his 16.50, the best performance of the day.

The number 2 in the ranking, Vicente Romero, who led his sleeve with 11.5, did not fail either. While the one who did suffer to make it to the quarterfinals was Néstor García, who arrived at this final test with 3320 points in his backpack, starting as leader of the national circuit. However, the Cantabrian surfer had to wait until the last second to certify his ticket as second classified in his sleeve.

On the other hand, the Iberdrola league title began to be contested in style, with up to 13 competitors having a mathematical chance of being crowned champions. Some of the favorites such as the Basque Garazi Sánchez and Nadie Erostarbe, or the Canary Islands Daniela Boldini and Laura Coviella, went directly to the top-16 tomorrow and did not jump into the water today.

As the boys did, the island surfers rose to the height of the competition exhibiting a high level. The young Noor Mentado had a great performance in the trial phase, where she showed why she is one of the great promises of surfing, achieving a score of 10.5.

But the great protagonist of the first round was Melania Suárez, who after a hesitant start took control of the waves and excelled with the two best rides of the first round to add 12.25 and qualify for the quarterfinals. Sara González and Lucía Machado also had a great day.


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