The company that opted with IRM for the La Luz wind farm does not exist in the Registry

IRM Canary Base has filed an appeal for reconsideration with the Port Authority to request a review of the decision to annul the competition process and call a contest. / C7

Concesiones Eólicas presented to the Port Authority a CIF that corresponds to a company in the real estate sector and inactive. IRM files an appeal for replacement with the Port

The society
Offshore Wind Concessions still does not exist in the Mercantile Registry five months after it presented a similar project in the competition process to the one proposed by
MRI Canary Base (linked to Álvaro Garaygordóbil, CEO of Zamakona Yards) to create a
ship repair center and offshore wind farm platform and the Port Authority of Las Palmas decided to put the space out to tender.

The CIF provided by Concesiones Eólicas Marinas in its proposal does coincide with that of a company that appears in the Mercantile Registry but with a very different name and corporate purpose and, of course, nothing related to offshore wind power.

The name on the Registry is
Projects and Applications New York SL, is headquartered in Madrid and according to data from the Mercantile Registry last week, its reason for being is the «holding of shares, purchase, sale, acquisition or transfer by any other title of rural, livestock, forestry or urban estates, built or without building, possession and exploitation of the same either directly or on lease". For more 'inri',
its CNAE activity is management and administration of real estate.

Although in theory this company communicated in January the name change has not been made effective.

Has never submitted annual accounts

In addition, constituted with a capital of 3,000 euros, it has never presented annual accounts, which shows that it is
a dormant society and without any experience in the sector.

The legal and legal doubts raised by the lack of registration in the Mercantile Registry of Offshore Wind Concessions is one of the arguments put forward by IRM Canary Base
in the appeal presented a few days ago to the Port Authority of Las Palmas and in which it requests that the decision to go to tender be annulled and the plot be awarded in the competition process, as CANARIAS7 has learned.

The resolution adopted by the Port, by agreement of the board of directors, lacks a legal report and raises
many legal questions.

Close sources estimate that Concesiones Eólicas Marinas has been constituted and presented with the sole objective of stopping and paralyzing the concession to IRM on the plot in the La Esfinge dock.

Rejection of the arguments of the Port Authority

In the appeal for reversal filed with the Port, there is also a
comparison between the two projects and some of the justifications on which the Port based itself to decide to file the competition procedure and call a public award contest are rejected, according to close sources.

According to what they point out, the appeal states that, while Concesiones Eólicas Marinas is a
inexperienced company» in the sector and «without technical or economic solvency», IRM Canary Base, despite its recent creation, is linked to Álvaro Garaygordóbil, CEO of Zamakona Yards, a group with more than 40 years of experience in the ship repair sector and one of the main shipyards of the islands.

"The Port cannot argue to go to tender that neither of them has technical business experience because there is nowhere to take it," these sources indicate.

The maritime work is not included in the budget

As they point out, the Marine Wind Concessions project does not even include the maritime work within the budget.

In this sense, there are also bulky differences between one project and another. Both intend to act on an area of ​​78,719 square meters of land and 5,900 square meters of water between the La Esfinge and Reina Sofía dams, in the so-called Africa Dock, and have the same execution period: 24 months. However, while MRI contemplates a
investment of 24.3 million euros, Concesiones Eólicas Marinas, for its part, quantifies it at 15.7 million euros.

The Port Authority has one month to resolve this appeal, which could lead to administrative litigation.

'Yes' to fish oil plant and cruise terminal demolition

The board of directors of the Port Authority of Las Palmas yesterday approved granting a public concession to the company Stormalda over a public domain surface of 7,053 square meters (6,980 of land and 72.63 of subsoil for pipes) to build a classified plant , pretreatment and storage of fish oil.

In addition, regarding the new cruise terminal, which will be developed and operated by the company Global Ports Canary Island SL, yesterday's council approved the start of the contracting process to dismantle and demolish the current structure.

The demolition work is expected to take place until December and the construction work on the new building will begin in January, which will take until mid-2024. The goal is for the new terminal to be operational by the 2024-2025 season. Meanwhile, some tents will be installed for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

Just yesterday the council approved granting Global Ports Canary Island a public concession of 8,501.62 square meters so that it can carry out its activity until the new terminal is built.

At the same time, it was decided to award the lease of tents for eventual maritime stations for tourist cruise passengers in the Port of Las Palmas to the company De Boer Structures Spain. According to the Port, this was the only offer with technical quality that is recorded.

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