The company of VTC Cabify returns to Barcelona after circumventing the "restrictions" of the Government of the Generalitat

The company of VTC Cabify returns to Barcelona after circumventing the "restrictions" of the Government of the Generalitat

Cabify will begin operating again in Barcelona tomorrow, Thursday, March 7, after adapting its rental vehicle service with driver (VTC) to the new "restrictions" approved by the Government of Catalonia. The company has found a legal formula that allows it to avoid the obligation to hire one of these cars at least fifteen minutes in advance. This was announced by the platform, which, Despite "not being satisfied" with the new rules of the game, he decides to return to Barcelona to "rescue" the sector and its "thousands of jobs" and to offer a "quality service to users". In this way, users will only have to wait 15 minutes the first time they hire the service. Then, for a period of one year, they can request a Cabify without having to respect the pre-contract imposed by the Generalitat.

Cabify reopens its application tomorrow, with an initial fleet of 300 vehicles, and just over a month after the February 1 cease to operate when the decree with which the Government of the Generalitat regulated the sector entered into service, a norm that obliges us to contract these services in advance. Cabify assures that "the adoption of this new model is based on the conviction that the situation will be transitory, and that the decree law approved by the Generalitat will be declared void by the courts in the near future for the benefit of the citizens of Catalonia. Otherwise, Cabify would be forced to consider its continuity in Catalonia ".

Users who have ever traveled in Catalonia with Cabify and want to continue doing so, before doing so again, will have to accept new contracting conditions according to the different nature of the service that the company now provides in the region. Initially, the company will work with a fleet of close to 300 cars, which may lead to some delay in excess of what is desirable in high demand hours, the company said in a statement.

"We are convinced that the users support the return of Cabify to Barcelona, ​​which we face with responsibility and also with confidence, since many civil society actors have publicly stated that our definitive march would impoverish mobility but also life in Barcelona, ​​"said Juan de Antonio, founder and CEO of Cabify.


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