January 26, 2021

The companies extend the day to 6,929 part-time workers after receiving letters from the Inspection

The companies extend the day to 6,929 part-time workers after receiving letters from the Inspection

Second result of the Master Plan for a Government Worth Work. The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, reported Wednesday in the Senate of another consequence of letters from the Labor Inspectorate on possible fraud in the hiring of companies. In the area of ​​part-time hiring, the companies have increased the working day to a total of 6,929 workers who had a reduced working day after receiving the attention of the labor authority.

Valerio had already informed that several companies had turned temporary workers into permanent workers after the Inspection's informative messages. In that case, more than 46,500 workers have seen their work contracts stabilize after the delivery of these letters, 57.8% of the workers on whom the labor inspectorate had detected possible fraud.

Regarding notices for alleged fraud in part-time contracting, a modality of contract that affects mostly women, the result is less high: these 6,929 workers represent 12.5% ​​of the total number of employees on which the focus was placed. Inspection.

The Minister of Labor has indicated the Master Plan for Decent Work as the "most significant" measure promoted by her cabinet and has underlined the conversions data of temporary contracts in indefinite contracts of the last two months, in which the stabilization of positions of Work has shot up compared to the growth of the previous months and the data recorded in August and September over the last decade.

From Work they consider that this impulse in the conversions is motivated by the inspector action, although still they warn that it is soon to realize an analysis on it. Magdalena Valerio recalled on Tuesday that the Master Plan foresees that this evaluation will be carried out in January.

Before, the second phase of the two crash plans mentioned (against temporary and abusive bias) will take place. The sending of more than 81,600 letters by the Labor Inspectorate is part of the first stage, informative, in which companies have had a month to regularize the situation of their workers.

Once this phase is over, Minister Valerio explained that the Inspection will visit the companies "allegedly defaulters", so she trusts that the figures presented can still be "improved".


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